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Walmart's Top Rated by Kids Toy List Holiday Toys
I celebrated my 35th birthday at Walmart’s Top Rated by Kids Toy List event with Chloe’s World of Play and Just a BX Girl

Chloe’s World of Play and I recently attended Walmart’s Top-Rated by Kids Toy List event where we got to learn about and play with 48 of the most-wanted toys for kids. The Top-Rated by Kids Toy List is split into six (6) different toy trends for kids of all ages.

  1. Famous Friends – This trend is inspired by the make-believe adventures of your child’s favorite famous characters, furry friends, heroes and role models from this year’s hottest cinema and TV shows. The toys in this category inspire kids to reenact the action from the big and small screens and create their own adventures.
  2. Unboxing Toys –  If you thought surprise toys were going away, you guessed wrong! It seems like they’re here to stay and are bigger and better. This year, unboxing toys aim to inspire kids to find new ways to play with their toys and create unique adventures based on their interests.
  3. Interactive ToysKids love toys that respond while playing. From toys that talk, hug, dance, and change color, these toys in this category aim to engage the imagination and creativity of kids as they express their personalities through play.
  4. Outdoor Fun – Getting kids outside and off of the couch and their tablets, is huge! The toys in this category encourage kids to play in the great outdoors. Whether it’s driving, sliding, scooting or hovering, these toys at Walmart help kids find new ways to get around and play outside.
  5. Aspirational Play Whether preparing to take flight, go glamping, own a pet, or cook a gourmet meal, there are no limits to creativity and no boundaries on what kids can be when playing with these toys. 
  6. Gaming – Whether it’s a rainy day or as kids get older, they want to enhance their digital adventures as clearly influenced by the ever-growing gaming community. The games in this category are for kids who want consoles and accessories to guarantee a superior gaming experience.

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Our Top Toy Picks Just in Time for the Holiday Season

I know you’re anxious to see which toys you may have to run to Walmart to pick up for your kids this holiday season. So I’m going to share our top toy picks from each toy trend from Walmart’s Top-Rated by Kids Toy List. You can see all of the toys HERE.

Famous Friends

Lion King 6 Volt Plush Simba (*Walmart exclusive)

If your 3-year-old fell in love with Simba from Disney’s Lion King, they’ll love this life-size ride-on just as much as Chloe’s World of Play and her friend Just a BX Girl.

Lion King 6 Volt Cub Simba Plush Ride On by Dynacraft with Jungle Den Included!
Chloe’s World of Play & Just a BX Girl are enjoying a ride on Simba.
$149 at

Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile

Chloe’s World of Play thought this remote-controlled Batcave playset would be perfect for Batman fans like her five-year-old cousin. Kids can light up a real Bat-signal and fire up a hidden launcher.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile R/C Vehicle
This is a great toy for boys age 3-8 years old.
$79.97 at

Sesame Street Love to Hug Elmo

This holiday season would not be complete without an Elmo. Tickle me Elmo’s have been around for as long as I can remember, and now we have this adorable, affectionate Love to Hug Elmo. He’s so cute and cuddly.

Sesame Street Love to Hug Elmo
This cute Elmo is great for toddlers 18+ months.
$29.82 at

Unboxing Toys

What’s In My Purse – Doll Purse (*Walmart exclusive)

This is really cute for the girly girl, and it is full of fun surprises. Plus, the purse can be repurposed for little girls to use as their own cute purse.

What's in My Purse - Doll Purse Toys at Walmart
Chloe’s World of Play Showing Off the What’s In My Purse Surprise Mystery Doll – $8.99 at

LOL Surprise 2-N-1 Glamper

Anything that has to do with travel, my mini-me adores, just like the LOL Surprise 2-N-1 Glamper Fashion Camper. This Camper is packed with 55 surprises! That’s amazing! This is on her wishlist, and I’m sure it will be on a lot of other little girl’s lists as well.

Toys at Walmart _ LOL Surprise 2-N-1 Glamper
Chloe’s World of Play has added this to her Christmas Wishlist. I’m sure your little girl will want it too!
$99.88 at

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Treasure X Aliens Single Pack

Have kids that seem to be into the grossest things? Then this is for them! Once you reveal the surprises from the slime, kids can gross each other out by making the slime ooze out of the Aliens. Gross, right?

Treasure X Aliens Single Pack
The kids will have fun with this 12-step reveal. It’s great for kids who love gooey grossness.
$14.92 at

Interactive Toys

Walmart Top-Rated by Kids Toys - Interactive Toys

VTech Myla the Magical Unicorn

 VTech Myla the Magical Unicorn Toys for Girls
Chloe’s World of Play enjoying Myla.
$58.52 at

Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station Value Box

With this Walmart exclusive toy, kids can build three (3) bears right at home.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station Value Box
This is pretty awesome because it allows kids to build and re-stuff miniature Build-a-Bears as much as they want.
$25 at

NASCAR Adventure Force Crash Racers

The NASCAR Adventure Force Crash Racers is a fun Walmart exclusive toy kids will have fun racing for hours. Kids will enjoy changing out the car covers and watching the cars crash!

NASCAR Adventure Force Crash Racers
She actually made the cars run simultaneously on the track without crashing!
$29.97 at

Outdoor Fun

Toys at Walmart _ Outdoor Play Hoverboard

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Realtree 24 Volt UTV ride on by Dynacraft

Yes, I’m 35 and thought that this was the best ride-on I’ve seen in a while. Had I not exceeded the weight limit, trust me, I would have ridden on it like these two young ladies. They had a blast cruising through the show floor in this UTV. It has a working MP3 player and headlights.

Realtree 24 Volt UTV ride on by Dynacraft with custom Realtree graphics and working Headlights
I want this for myself, but the weight limit is 130 lbs. Sigh
$398 at

Hover-1 Hoverboard and Kart Combo (*Walmart exclusive)

If hoverboards aren’t your thing, and you’d prefer to stand, then the Hoverboard and Kart Combo might be for you. It’s a fun ride and can hold up to 220 lbs.

Hover-1 All-Star & Go-Kart Combo
$198 at

Hover-1 Maverick Hoverboard (*Walmart exclusive)

The Hover-1 Maverick Hoverboard is a Walmart exclusive product that would be great for fearless older kids who love an adrenaline rush and speed.

Hover-1 Maverick Hoverboard
This is for the adventurous kid. Available in 4 colors.
$128 at

Aspirational Play

Barbie Dreamplane

There’s something about Barbie and Barbie products that draw kids in. My daughter wouldn’t leave the Barbie Dreamplane alone. It doubles as a plane and playset and seats a pilot and two passengers. Talk about traveling in-style. My daughter immediately stated this is going on her Christmas Wishlist. Thankfully, she was able to walk home with one and hasn’t put it down since.

Barbie Dreamplane
Chloe’s World of Play loved this Barbie Dreamplane Playset with 15+ Themed Accessories.
$74 at

Barbie Cake Decorating Playset

It seems wishlists aren’t complete without Barbie. The Barbie Cake Decorating Playset was another favorite of my daughter and other little girls in attendance. They loved being able to design and make cakes from dough, and then having Barbie serve it to her friends.

Barbie Cake Decorating Playset
Your Barbie -loving kid will enjoy adding this to their collection.
$29.98 at

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Doll

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends dolls are part of the Rainbow Kindi World, which can be found on YouTube. They’re a group of friends, Marsha Mellow, Jessicake, Peppa-Mint, and Donatina who are fun and as sweet as they sound.

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends
Chloe’s World of Play playing with Jessicake and Marsha Mellow and $24.97 at

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Nintendo Switch

Imagine having every Nintendo Gaming system in one small device. That’s the Nintendo Switch. There are so many ways to play the Nintendo Switch. The flexibility is great as well as the variety of available games. My daughter enjoys playing with her cousin’s Switch. It’s great for family game nights.

Top Toys 2019 in Gaming _ Nintendo Switch
Kids still want the Nintendo Switch.
$299 at

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HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop and Gaming Accessories

True gamers know speed and graphics are what make the gaming experience exceptional, and that is what the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop provides. Now, add on the accessories like gaming headphones and a cool keyboard to take your gaming experience to the top!

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Kraken Grn 2019
Walmart has everything your kids need for maximum gaming action.
Kraken Green 2019 Gaming Headphones– $79
HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – $699
Razer Cynosa Chroma Keyboard – $44.98

Convenient Ways to Shop for Toys at Walmart

Just in time for the holiday season, or should I say toy shopping season, Walmart, on top of its incredible prices for toys is offering convenient shopping options.  When shopping for toys at Walmart, you can now take advantage of in-store Pick-up, free two-day shipping, layaway plans, and delivery options on many of the top toys of the year, where eligible.

For more information on the Top Rated by Kids top toys list, visit Top-Rated by Kids Toy List.


 Which toys at Walmart do you think will be on your kids’ toy wishlist this holiday season?

Walmart has the Top Rated by Kids Toys for Kids of all Ages and Interests