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The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year because the colder weather means my family gets to spend more time together. Just because we are indoors doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. We make the most of our time by watching our favorite holiday-themed movie or by having a family game night. Having a family game night is a great way for families to bond, have fun, and decrease kids’ screen time. We definitely have our favorites games which I am, of course, sharing with you.

With so many games from which to choose, I made it a bit easier for you by sharing our Top Games for Family Game Night. These games are great for families with kids age 7+.

Flying Sushi Kitchen

This Redwood Ventures game that tests your hand-eye coordination skills as you compete against family or friends, won us over during Sweet Suite and the TTPM Holiday Showcase. It’s the perfect game for all ages allowing players to pretend to be sushi chefs competing to fill orders while trying to catch pieces of floating sushi rolls from mid-air. You have to be quick or else you will have sushi everywhere!

Flying Sushi Kitchen Family Game Night

The game comes complete with a set of five (5) special, kid-friendly chopsticks for sushi chefs to fill orders as quickly as they can before time runs out. It also comes with traditional sushi dressings like wasabi and ginger.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: All

Cost: $24.96 at + Free 2-Day Shipping

Spy Code Hackathon

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am obsessed with all things spy-related. Deep down I think that I was either in the CIA or FBI in my past life. But that is a story for a different post because we are here to talk about games for family game night. Spy Code Hackathon by YULU! is perfect for that. It accommodates anywhere from 2 to 9 players.

Hackathon Family Game Night 2

With this game, families have to work together to save their personal information. This means they have to communicate with each other to get the job done! Choose who will interact with the Hackathon console (Operator) and who will guide the Operators through each module (Experts/Advisors).

Hackathon Game Family Game Night

Each module (puzzle) lasts approximately 20 minutes and changes each time the game is played.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 8+

Cost: $29.99 Exclusively at Target or

Pacemaker Extreme

Here’s a game for the older crowd since it involves a little zap if you’re not careful. This fast-paced game tests your coordination and ability to keep up with the pace.

PaceMaker Extreme Family Game Night

In Pacemaker Extreme, each player has to pay attention to their components and the number of times they tap their paddles because each tap determines the pace of the game. One tap or three taps can mean moving onto the next player or skipping one. One wrong tap can get you shocked and out of the game.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 14+

Cost: $24.99 Exclusively at Target or

Not Parent Approved

With the Not Parent Approved game, Kids now have parent’s permission to show inappropriate behavior like burping and farting. Yes, you read that correctly.

While unexpected burps and farts can be considered bad manners, they do create laughter, hence the basis of this unconventional Family Night of fun. The 455 cards (105 questions and 350 answers) involve cultural references from Taylor Swift to wedgies. Best of all, it doesn’t require screens. Something from which modern-day families need breaks from time to time. The game encourages conversation and engagement with other players. 

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 8+

Cost: $24.99 on; Expansion Packs are also available for $9.99

What are some of your favorite Family Game Night Games?

YULU and Redwood Ventures provided games for review consideration only. All opinions are my own and are honest. Affiliate links.