The sequel to the 2016 animated hit musical, SING is returning during the 2021 holiday season. SING 2 features an all-star musical cast.

Get Ready for Sing 2! The Animated Hit Musical is Returning

The year is almost over and it’s already ending on a good note for fans of Illumination Entertainment’s Sing. During the 2021 Holiday season, Sing 2 will hit theaters. Ending the five-year wait for the long-anticipated sequel to the best-animated musicals. And Sing 2 will be something to look forward to, especially when big names […] Read more…

Holiday Photo BINGO printable Game 3-Ways to Play

One thing I really enjoy about the holidays is the fun little activities that accentuate the season. There are all kinds of really cool games that you can play.  When you have a moment to indulge in the magic, it’s things like this that add layers to the experience. One of those neat activities is […] Read more…

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