Woman experiencing fall allergy symptoms

5 Tips to Help Get Relief From Fall Allergies

Although I am a summer baby, I prefer all things fall like the cool breeze, beautiful foliage, and pumpkin spice! One thing I don’t look forward to is fall allergies. As a seasonal allergy sufferer, I can’t seem to get any relief no matter the season. While most people associate allergies with springtime, fall is […] Read more…

Frozen embryos in storage

Will the Roe v Wade Decision Affect My Frozen Embryos?

Having gone through IVF, I currently have 10 embryos in storage. Although I live in New York State where the overturning of Roe doesn’t affect residents, it’s important for me as someone who has gone through IVF and has embryos in storage to shed light on what this decision means for couples with frozen embryos […] Read more…

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