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It has been just about a week since spending the day at the TTPM Holiday Showcase 2018 seeing the hottest toys of the 2018 Holiday season revealed. We even got to play with them too. The toys showcased included everything from imaginative play, collectibles, toys that encourage creativity and learning, games for the whole family, toys and games to keep kids active and more!  There were so many amazing toys being released for the 2018 Holiday season, but these are our top Toy Picks from TTPM Holiday Showcase 2018.

I am apologizing in advance for the amount of money you are about to spend this upcoming holiday season.

Reindeer in Here

Reindeer in Here is the gift you want to give before Christmas. It is the start of a new Christmas tradition for your kids or in addition to the one you already have going on. It is a cute plush toy reindeer with a broken antler that helps children learn that differences are okay. We like that Reindeer in Here is interactive; kids can go on an adventure with the deer daily up until Christmas Eve when he goes back to the North Pole. Plus, it was created by a dad as an alternative to another Christmas tradition his daughter felt was a bit creepy.

Reindeer In Here Top Toy

Reindeer in Here can be purchased on amazon.com for $32.99.

VTech Kidistar Karaoke Machine

Karaoke can be a fun family activity on a weekend. The VTech Kidistar Karaoke  Machine allows the singer to turn down the main vocal track of their favorite songs using Music Magic mode so you can be the star! It comes with eight (8) original songs, but if you have favorites on your MP3 player or mobile device it can connect to that too! It has other cool features like a disco light that create a great atmosphere for singing and dancing. Singing alone? You can pretend you’re in front of an audience, you can add audience sounds like applause, cheering, and laughter.

Vtech Kidi Star Karaoke

The VTech Kidistar Karaoke Machine retails for $49.99 and can be purchased at Target or on Amazon.com.

Calico Critters

These cute, fancily-dressed animal figurines that have homes and furniture were also a favorite from Sweet Suite, which we attended over the summer. The Critters live in the community of Calico Village. Calico Critters are sold as families, with Mothers and Fathers, sisters, brothers and babies. My daughter loves to play with the homes and furniture, and they are so life-like are have due to their incredible detail. All the citizens in Calico Village have hobbies and jobs. We love the overall theme of Calico Critters: giving, friendship, and happiness, which is great for teaching young children to embrace the same as through play.

Calico Critters Town Top Toy

Calico Critters can be purchased at Calicocritters.com.

Hatchimals Hatchibabies

The Hatchimals Hatchibabies are here! Now, you can hatch a boy or girl Hatchimal from a moving egg. o find out who’s inside, hug, tap, snuggle and pat your HatchiBaby’s egg. When they hear you, they’ll respond with cute sounds! 

Hatchimals Hatchibabies retail for $59.99 and can be purchased at Target or Amazon.com.

Zing Sports Air Storm Z-Tek Bow

My daughter, my sister and I loved the Air Storm Z-Tek Bow so much that we wanted to bring one home that day! I’ve always wanted to learn to shoot a bow and arrow and this is a fun and safe way to improve archery skills.


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The Air Storm Z-Tek Bow retails at an affordable $19.99; everyone in the family can get one lol. They can be purchased at Walmart.com.

NEW Barbie Dream House

Although we got her a Barbie Dream House last Christmas, we both fell in love with the NEW Barbie Dream House. I am not going to lie, this one is a lot better than the one she currently has. The rooms in the house have so much detail. It is amazing!

The NEW Barbie Dream House retails for $199 and is on sale at Walmart.com for $179.

Barbie Camper Van

Another Barbie item we loved is the Barbie Camper Van by Power Wheels. It is a huge ride-on vehicle equipped with a kitchen Because our family wants to be about that RV life, we are tempted to get this. We have plenty of room in our garage to park it. Plus, there’s enough room for our daughter and the neighbor’s kids to play and ride-on at the same time!

The Barbie Camper Van retails for $499 and can be purchased for $398 at Walmart.com.

KiiPix Smartphone Printer

We were amazed by this Polaroid printer because no batteries are required. You just need your smartphone, and somehow, without batteries or being plugged in, the KiiPix will print the photo. This is great for parties and social gatherings.

KiiPix can be purchased on amazon.com for $39.99.

ALEX Toys Scientific Explorer

We have a 2nd grader, so STEM is a big deal right now. I loved that the Scientific Explorer provides kids with a fun, hands-on experience to help kids develop critical thinking skills, inspire imagination, and encourage exploration through interactive experiments and activities.

The Scientific Explorer kits can be purchased at alexbrands.com.

NERF Elite Infinus Blaster

One activity that we love doing as a family is to use our NERF toys around the house. The NERF Elite Infinus Blaster will allow for continuous action with what would seem like an endless supply of NERF darts.

The NERF Elite Infinus Blaster retails for $59.99 and can be purchased at Target or Amazon.com.

Top Toys for the 2018 Holiday Season

Our Top Toy Picks from TTPM Holiday Showcase 2018 includes everything from toys for imaginative play to toys that help make learning fun. We can’t wait to show you what else is coming for kids this holiday season. Stay tuned!

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