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I grew up on Disney Movies, and my daughter is following in my footsteps, and I am happy that it is during a time when Disney is becoming more and more inclusive of people that look like her in their films. Representation does matter. My daughter should know that princesses and superheroes look like her, her mom and her dad. Plus, Disney movies are for families and usually have a good lesson behind each story told. That said, my family and I are excited about some upcoming Disney Movies. Keep reading to find out which.

I've grown up on Disney Movies, and we are excited about their upcoming releases like The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Aladdin, and Mary Poppins Returns.

Upcoming Disney Movies We’re Excited About

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Actor Jayden Fowora-Knight, who plays Phillip, the soldier will escort Clara (Mackenzie Foy) through the Fourth Realm to find a one-of-a-kind key to unlock a box that holds a special gift from her late mother. This journey is put into gear by Clara’s uncle, Drosselmeyer, played by Morgan Freeman.

My daughter will love seeing Misty Copeland as the Ballerina. She has her limited-edition Barbie doll. I am also happy she, along with other African American cast mates are in it because it is important for my daughter to see people who look like her on the big screen.


Date of Release: November 2, 2018

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

My daughter was just a year old when we went to see this. Yes, we took a one-year-old to the movies to see Wreck-Ralph. She was my excuse to go and see a kid’s movie. Walt Disney Animation Pictures did a great job with this animated comedy. I enjoyed watching Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz work together after having a rough start, to win his medal, and helping Vanellope win a race.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, just six years later, these two are at it again.  Ralph and Vanellope leave the arcade to venture into the internet to find a replacement part to fix Venellope’s game, Sugar Rush. I am excited about Taraji P. Henderson playing Yess,  head algorithm and the heart and soul of trend-making site “BuzzzTube.” Her attitude fits this character to perfection. She is the one who helps Ralph and Vanellope maneuver the internet to find what they need.

I know there was a bit of controversy over Disney changing the look of Princess Tiana to a lighter, more whitewashed version, I am happy that they’ve realized the importance of little black girls like my daughter seeing a character in a movie, especially a Disney Princess, who looks like her. Tiana is now back to her original look.


Date of Release: November 21, 2018

Mary Poppins Returns

The original Mary Poppins was released on my birthday 54 years ago. I’ve seen the original starring Julie Andrews many times. Believe it or not, I wanted a nanny just like her. Who wouldn’t want a nanny with unique magical abilities? Right now, I want a Mary Poppins for my daughter.

In “Mary Poppins Returns”, Mary Poppins, played by Emily Blunt, is back to help a new generation of the Banks family find the joy and wonder missing in their lives following a personal loss. The family will need Mary’s magical abilities that can turn any ordinary task into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure to help them overcome their grief.  Lin-Manuel Miranda is also starring in the movie, playing Mary’s friend Jack,  “an optimistic street lamplighter who helps bring light—and life—to the streets of London.”


Date of Release: December 21, 2018


Can you believe that the original “Dumbo” movie was released by Walt Disney Productions over 75 years ago? I was not even born! Even after that, during my time, my bought the remastered version in 1989; I was 5-years-old. I believe this was one of the first children’s movies we owned on VHS. My sister and I would watch it over and over as kids. I can’t wait to share my love for this movie with my daughter! It will teach her how to celebrate and not make fun of differences and that family is something to cherish.

Tim Burton, is behind this all-new live-action version of Dumbo. Danny Devito plays Circus owner Max Medici who enlists former star Holt Farrier, played by Colin Farrell, and his children to care for “Dumbo” a baby elephant with oversized ears that make him a laughingstock in an already struggling circus. But unbeknownst to everyone else, his ears will be the saving grace of the circus.


Date of Release: March 29, 2019


I was 8-years-old when “Aladdin” hit the movies. When it hits theaters in May of next year, my daughter will be the exact age I was. Talk about sharing a nostalgic moment with your child.

I am excited that Disney decided to put a modern twist on one of my childhood favorite Disney movies. It was one of the first movies that made me “believe in magic.” After watching this movie I truly believed that there was a place in this world where carpets could fly and genies came out of magic lamps to grant wishes. I had, at the time, so many things for which to wish.

I am truly excited about the cast. Mena Massoud is gorgeous. Disney did a great job choosing someone who looked just as handsome (or better) than the cartoon Aladdin. Will Smith as the Genie. I know that will be epic!


Date of Release: May 24, 2019

These are the upcoming Disney Movies we’re excited about. They all have a nostalgic reference for which I can share with my daughter. I love that these movies are being re-made so that I can re-create my childhood experiences with my family. Seeing these together as a family will for sure be a magical experience for all of us.

What upcoming Disney Movies are you excited about?