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The holiday season is quickly approaching. Calphalon has must-have kitchen products for the at-home chef to prepare holiday meals like the Calphalon Precision Space-saving Self-sharpening 10-piece Knife Block Set.

As a chef who is a fan of Calphalon products, I am excited to introduce you to the Calphalon Precision Space-saving set. The set has SharpIN Technology. What does that mean? The space-saving block has built-in sharpeners and knives that are crafted from high-carbon, no-stain German steel.

Even though my kitchen is stocked with Calphalon products, I’ve never tried any of their knives. As a chef who typically use high-quality, well-crafted knives that come with an expensive price tag, these Calphalon knives are impressive. I’m happy to report that these Calphalon knives can rival any other German-made knife in this category.

I get excellent performance on all of the knives but, I mostly use the Santoku knife because of the size of the blade and its unique design. This is just another terrific product from one of my favorite cookware brands! It has a nice weight and carves with precision. The handles are a natural grip in my hand and hold up well to daily usage.

The knife block itself is stained in The Calphalon Precision Space-saving Self-sharpening 10-piece Knife Block Set is great for homes with limited counter space, can we say New York City apartments?  I love how sleek, sexy and visually appealing it is. Calphalon didn’t skimp on quality with this set; the quality is exceptional! It has a full bolster and full tang. A knife with a full tang will have a solid piece of metal that extends from the handguard all the way to the butt of the knife.  Generally, full tang knives are a single piece of steel comprising of both the blade and tang. A full tang will make your knife far stronger than any other option.

All of the knives were sharp out of the box, and the kitchen shears are like razors. I use them mostly when I’m prepping raw meat, and they cut through bone when I’m breaking down whole chickens.

Another plus to this set was that each knife, except for the steak knives, were labeled with the type of knife and length of each blade for easy identification. This is perfect for beginner chefs and those who are just learning their way around the kitchen. And why use your Chef’s knife to julienne vegetables when you can use your Santoku?!
I do have one preference, and this is probably because I’m using my chef’s hat. I would have preferred that the paring knife were shorter in length. The blade measures in at 4.5”. A typical paring knife is 3”-4” and can be used for cutting and peeling fruits, veggies, and trimming excess fat with precision and ease. Although it can be done, the paring knife in this set was too long and didn’t feel comfortable for those tasks. To me, it’s more of a utility knife, which is great for cutting vegetables and meat that are too small for a chef’s knife.

The Calphalon Precision Space-saving Self-sharpening 10 piece Knife Block Set Includes:

•    8-in. Chef’s Knife

•    6-in. Santoku Knife

•    4.5-in. Paring Knife

•    6-in. Serrated Utility Knife

•    4 Steak Knives

•    Kitchen Shears

•    9-slot block (measures 8.3” L x 4.2” W x 8.4” H)

The Calphalon Precision Space-saving Self-sharpening 10 piece Knife Block Set has the essentials and is everything for a novice Chef or at home cook. And the best part? It’s beautiful design should help inspire you to cook!
If you’re looking for a gift for a budding chef this holiday season, choose the Calphalon Precision Space-saving, Self-sharpening 10-pc. Knife Block Set featuring SharpIN Technology.  

The set retails for $239.99 and can be purchased at Amazon.

Calphalon provided the Calphalon Precision Space-saving Self-sharpening 10 piece Knife Block Set for review consideration only. All opinions are my own and are honest.