Frozen embryos in storage

Will the Roe v Wade Decision Affect My Frozen Embryos?

Having gone through IVF, I currently have 10 embryos in storage. Although I live in New York State where the overturning of Roe doesn’t affect residents, it’s important for me as someone who has gone through IVF and has embryos in storage to shed light on what this decision means for couples with frozen embryos […] Read more…

Infertility isn't solely a women's issue; male infertility exists. This article can help you understand men and IVF.

Male Infertility: A Man’s Guide to IVF

Are curious about understanding men and IVF? Infertility is not solely a women’s issue; therefore, it’s important for men to be included in discussions and informed. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), between 48 million couples and 186 million individuals live with infertility globally, and some studies have asserted that the “male factor” accounts […] Read more…

Stress and infertility: Does Calming Down Really Work? Studies show that while infertility causes stress, stress doesn’t cause infertility.

Stress and Infertility: Does Just Calming Down Really Work?

Many times throughout my journey to become a mother, I’ve heard it all. From “It’s God’s will.” to “Just calm down!” Although without ill intent, people will try to tell you that one of the reasons you’re having a difficult time conceiving is that you’re stressed, and you need to relax more. Yes, unsuccessful attempts […] Read more…

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I'm sharing Books to Help You Grieve Through Pregnancy, miscarriage, and Infant Loss.

10 Books to Help You Grieve Through Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Studies show that Black women experience pregnancy loss, including miscarriages, at higher rates than White women. However, miscarriage is a taboo topic of discussion within the Black community. Due to this, it has always been hard for me to discuss my experience with pregnancy loss with family and friends. It was fear of being judged […] Read more…

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