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We are living in an age where technology takes over for everything. Robots that clean for us, devices that can turn on the lights or television, and our previous phones and tablets. With all of these things that are here to make our lives easier, it is easy to get into the habit of sitting and not being active. If you are like me and are looking for more ways for your family to get active together, Razor has gifts to keep the whole family active.

Razor has been around for more than 18 years and is known mostly for their scooters, but they do more than that! They have electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and more. There is literally something for everyone in your family to keep them moving and not sitting in front of a screen.

Razor Turbo Jetts™

My personal favorite is the Razor Turbo Jetts™. Ever since seeing them at the TTPM 2018 Spring Showcase, I had to have them. They are electric heel wheels that can reach speeds up to 10 mph for up to 30-minutes of continuous use. I like that the Turbo Jetts™are super easy to use; all you have to do is step into the heavy-duty polymer “quick-click” frame and tighten the hook-and-loop strap for a secure fit to your sneakers (U.S. size youth 12 to adult 12).

Age: 9+ (Kid’s 6+ can try Razor Jetts)

Cost: $119.99 – $129.99

Where to buy:,

Razor Power A2 Scooter

Skateboards scare me. My sister, when we were younger mastered the skateboard, while I sat on the sidelines watching in awe. Scooters, on the other hand, are more my speed. Something about having handlebars puts me at ease. I like the Razor Power A2 Scooter. It is an easily foldable electric scooter that can reach speeds of up to 10 MPH. I can picture me racing my husband – him on the scooter and me on the Turbo Jetts™. And I will win!

Razor Has Gifts to Keep the Whole Family Active Razor PowerA2 Scooter

The Power A2 has a lithium-ion battery that provides 45-minutes of continuous use, as well as a push-button throttle control to its kick-to-start in-hub electric motor.

Age: 8+

Cost: $199.99

Where to Buy:  Razor Jetts

Razor Lil’ E Electric Scooter

Razor did not forget about the little ones. They can get in on the power scooter action with the Razor Lil’ E Electric Scooter. It is perfect for kids still getting the hang of scooters and has enough power (2 MPH) to safely keep up with the rest of the family for up to 60 minutes of continuous use.

Razor Lil E Electric Scooter

Age: 3+ (Max weight 44 lbs)

Cost: $49.99

Where to Buy:

By gifting a Razor scooter or heel wheel skates, you’re not only helping your family stay active you’re also investing in fun quality family time.

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