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This gift guide features the best gifts for travelers for those of you who have family and friends who are constantly chasing the next passport stamp. I know gift-giving can be hard, especially if you’re trying to strike the perfect balance between thoughtful and practical. But this curated list of the best travel gift ideas will help keep the jet setters in your life prepared, safe, and pampered, while also making their whole travel experience a breeze!

Perhaps they can use packing cubes to help usher them into “Team Carry-on”? Or some life-saving devices to make sure they return home to you safely. Maybe they can use a travel accessory that will help enhance their experience. Whatever their needs are, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift for them below! Perhaps you may even find something for yourself, too.

Gift Ideas for Travelers to Keep Them Safe

Best Gift ideas for travelers Travel Door Lock

Travel Door Lock

Hotels are supposed to be safe, right? Well, if an intruder truly wants to get in, they will find a way. I’ve seen various social media posts dictating people’s experiences with someone trying to enter their room, even with the hotel lock in use. What can you do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during travel? Use a travel door lock or a door stop alarm.

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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector
Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that led to the recent death of three friends who were staying at an Airbnb in Mexico. It’s essential to ensure your safety when traveling to other countries since not all countries have regulations and laws like the United States that require hotels, Airbnb, etc., to install carbon monoxide detectors with alarms. This Kidde battery-operated detector is small enough to pack along with wall conversion adapters, for added safety.

The Best Gift Ideas for Travelers Plane Air

Make Sure Your Spaces Are Clean

We all know how dirty some places can be, especially airplane seats and trays. My family always wipes down the seats, armrests, and trays when we’re on a plane. Everything gets cleaned! The Travel Essentials by PlaneAire has everything you need to keep everything sanitized while on the go packed in a reusable zip-top bag, with one (1) Clean Surface & Air Mist, six (6) individually wrapped Clean Surface Wipes and one (1) PlaneAire Hands hand sanitizer blend of your choice.

Best Gift ideas for travelers Airplane Seat covers

Airplane Seat Covers

Minimize exposure to contaminated surfaces with a disposable seat cover. This practical solution can be taken to give that peace of mind to all passengers. It can fit easily in your carry-on bag, purse, backpack, or briefcase.

Tech Gifts for Travelers

JBL Noise Canceling Earbuds

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Transform your travel experience with noise-canceling headphones. These devices are a game-changer, blocking out the ambient noise of crying babies and allowing you to hear more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Choose from discreet earbud options or less inconspicuous over-the-head headphones.

Anker Portable Charger the best gift idea for a traveler

Portable Charger

Stay charged on the go with a slim and lightweight portable charger. This essential device ensures that your phone stays powered up for capturing photos while exploring your destination.

3 in 1 Charging Station for Apple Devices

3-in-1 Charging Station for Multiple Apple Devices

Opt for convenience with a wireless charging station designed specifically for Apple Magsafe chargers. Featuring an 18W quick charger, it fully charges your Apple devices in just 2-3 hours. Compatible with Apple Watch, AirPods, and various iPhone models.

Multi USB Charging Adapter Cable Kit

Ideal for ‘team carry-on,’ this multi-USB charging adapter kit minimizes clutter while keeping all your devices powered. The kit includes a 12-inch USB Type-C cable, three USB adapters (USB Type-A, Micro-USB, Lightning), two Nano SIM card slots, one micro SIM card slot (SIM card not included), and a SIM card slot tray eject pin.

Portable Noise Canceling Machine

White Noise Machine

Combat sleep challenges in new environments with a white noise machine. Perfect for travelers, it helps block out surrounding noises, allowing for better focus and improved efficiency.

Portable luggage scale

Portable Luggage Scale

Avoid unexpected excess luggage fees and allocate your travel budget wisely. A luggage scale ensures you stay within weight limits, preventing additional costs and leaving more money for enjoyable activities like excursions and dining.

Personal Safety Alarm

Personal Safety Alarm

Provide peace of mind to travelers, particularly women and solo adventurers, with a personal safety alarm. Versatile for day and night use, it enhances safety whether you’re in town, walking your dog, on trails, across campus, to your car, in parking lots, on public transportation, or during travel.

Airplane phone holder

Airplane Travel Essentials Phone Holder

Overcome in-flight entertainment challenges with this phone mount. Perfect for long flights and family travel, it allows you to mount your phone on the headrest of the seat ahead, providing easy, hands-free viewing of your favorite shows downloaded on your device.


Gift Ideas for Travelers that Make Travel Easy

Compression packing cubes
Keep Your Suitcase Organized

I don’t know how I used to travel without using packing cubes. They are the best way to make sure you’ve packed everything on your list and keep things organized. This is especially important for families packing for themselves and their children. During our most recent trip, I packed my and my toddler’s belongings in one 19″ carry-on.

Stanley Travel Mug French Press
Make Coffee How You Like It

One thing I noticed when I travel, is that as a coffee lover, coffee in some places can be disappointing. If you find yourself shopping for someone who also loves coffee, you may want to pick up a travel French press coffee maker. This particular one has a tumbler built in, which fits most cupholders, so it’s great for traveling. It has a spillproof design so you don’t have to worry about accidents.

Best Gift ideas for travelers Electronics Cable Organizer

Electronics Cable Organizer

Whether traveling for work or for recreation, electronics are always toting along. This is even more true for families. Being able to keep all the cables for everyone’s devices organized helps keep everyone sane. This electronics cable organizer does that, allowing travelers like you and me to find the accessories quickly like when the iPad is on 1% and you’re trying to prevent a tantrum.

Best Gift ideas for travelers Travel Blanket with Pillow

Travel Blanket with Pillow

Having your travel blanket and pillow is top-tier, especially if you’re flying. I’m somewhat of a germophobe. I know that airline procedures sometimes mean that crews end up folding previously used blankets and passing them out, which is pretty gross if you ask me. I do recall a time being handed a blanket that reeked of funk. Since then I brought my things to keep myself and/or my kids warm. This travel blanket and pillow set is definitely a gift that would be appreciated by any traveler.

Must-Have Gift Ideas for Travelers with Kids 

WAYB Pico on plane
Travel Car Safety Seat

While most country’s laws on car safety seats are not as strict as the US, it’s still important for parents to do their own due diligence to keep their kids safe during travel. Also, car seats are strongly encouraged for use on an airplane. A car safety seat like the WAYB Pico is the perfect gift idea for travelers with toddler-aged kids or older, who can use a booster. It’s lightweight, FAA-approved, and can be easily toted around while you’re exploring.

Joolz AER+ - Lightweight Premium Baby Travel Stroller with Ergonomic Seat

Travel Stroller

Every traveling family with kids under 4, or kids who don’t like to walk, needs a travel stroller. Something small, with a collapsible frame that can be folded up tightly, and quickly. The Joolz AER is one of the top-rated travel strollers due to its folding easily. It goes down in a single, intuitive motion, with an integrated transport lock to keep it closed. It can also fit neatly into an airplane’s overhead compartment and has an integrated shoulder strap for easy carrying. 

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Baby Wrap or Carrier

A baby wrap or carrier is probably one of the best, if not the best gift idea for travelers who have infants or toddlers. As a baby wearer myself, it helps keep your hands free to do as you wish. Maneuver easily through the airport, and keep your child(ren) close to you.

Looking for Gifts for Travelers? This is a curated list of the best gifts for travelers that are functional and will keep them safe.