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Do you have a traveler in your life you need to shop for this holiday season?

If so, look no further because I’ve curated a list of the best gifts for travelers from kids to adults. Whether you’re shopping for a frequent flyer or road trip warrior, finding gifts for them is easier with this round-up of the best gifts for travelers. From a camera to capture memories to a power bank to ensure all their electronics are charged while on the go, these gifts can make a difference in any travelers’ experience.

The Best Gifts for Travelers – Kids’ Gifts

This year, more families are choosing staycations as a safer way for their families to get a change of scenery.  Sometimes these staycations can mean hours on the road. As a parent with over 9-years’ worth of road trips under my belt from the time my daughter was 6-months old, I’ve learned quite a bit about road tripping with kids. You have to keep kids entertained. I am sharing some of my daughter’s favorite activities, toys, and games that are great for family road trips or air travel.

Shopping for loved ones who love to travel has just gotten easier. This roundup features the best gifts for travelers from kids to adults.

Get Outside Club

Get Outside Club - Best Gifts for Travelers - Kid Travelers

These days, for some families, mine included, it is harder to get outside to explore the world. Get Outside Club is the perfect way for kids and their families to do just that, except right in their backyards! We enjoy the Treasure Hunter’s Trilogy set. This set includes Treasure Hunters into the Wild, Treasure Hunters: Templar Gold, and Treasure Hunters: The Legend of Sea Dog Simmons. In fact, it’s the brand’s most popular family scavenger hunt. It takes approximately 1-hour to complete this outside adventure.

Get $20 Off The Heist Series and The Treasure Hunters Trilogy with code ‘BF2020’
Age: 8-14
Cost: $90



Magformers Best Gifts for Travelers

Magformers are the perfect activity to keep kids entertained during family road trips. Kids can use magnetic geometric shapes to create whatever their imaginations allow. This can be anything from a house, tower, and Magformers’ “magic ball.” The possibilities are endless. The great thing about it is that it is perfect for brain development, critical thinking, and STEM education. Kids are keeping busy, having fun, and learning, all while on the road. And, if that doesn’t make you happy, you’ll love that these toys are easy to store, preventing your backseat from becoming messy and cluttered.

Age: 3+

Cost: $24.99

Vtech’s KidiZoom Creator Cam

Vtech Kidizoom Creator CAm is a great gift for traveler kids to document their adventures.

With this all-in-one HD, video camera kit children can document their travel experiences and create fun videos. With easy on-screen editing, kids can edit their videos right in the backseat. After all, is done, the family can host a viewing party of their child’s amateur family road trip documentary.

The KidiZoom Creator Cam comes with a green screen, a tabletop tripod that converts into a selfie stick, 20+ animated backgrounds, and easy on-camera video editing.

Age: 5+

Cost: $59.99 at

My Discovery Telescope

My Discovery Telescope

This is a 12x magnification power telescope that can be used for both terrestrial (land) observations as well as astronomical (night sky) observations. For overnight drives, kids can use this telescope to look for constellations and planets. It can also be used during the day for bird watching. Start a fun family road trip game by guessing what you can find while driving.

Age: 6+

Cost: $19.95

Solar-powered Rovers

Thames and Kosmos Solar powered rovers

Solar-powered Rovers are the perfect backseat STEM activity for children who love cars and love to build. With the Solar-powered Rovers kit, children can build five (5) motorized models, build three (3) types of solar cars, a solar fan, and a solar robot model. Once they’re done building their models they can conduct fun science experiments learning about gear ratios, solar cells, and more. During a daytime stop for a break, kids can even race their cars using the sun’s energy!
Age: 8+
Cost: $19.95

Shopping for loved ones who love to travel has just gotten easier. This roundup features the best gifts for travelers from kids to adults.


The Best Gifts for Travelers – Adult Gifts

Now that we have the kids out of the way. It is time to focus on the adults. Adult travel needs are a bit different. As travelers, we want things that are practical, provide convenience, relaxation, and some entertainment. Below are the best gifts for travelers

Travel Mug

For our road trip warriors, having hot coffee on-hand is needed to keep them energized for a full day of adventures.  A travel coffee mug is essential to keep a hot cup of joe on-hand while on the road.

Personal Water Filter


Personal water filters are a great gift for travelers because clean water isn’t readily available everywhere. Having a personal water filter ensures the water you’re drinking is clean and healthy.

Water Flask


In addition to a water filter, a water flask is great for having water available while out and about. Plus, it saves money. Travelers love saving money. Extra money in their pockets can be used towards more travel and more adventures.

Fashionable Compression Socks

Compression socks or tights are an excellent gift option for frequent flyers. I usually pack a pair for long-haul flights because they are helpful for increasing blood circulation and reducing the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during a flight, which can be deadly.



Cameras are an excellent gift for frequent travelers because they allow travelers to capture their most enjoyable travel moments to relish later and to share with family and friends. An instant photo camera is great for creating a collage of photos or a GoPro to capturing adventures on video.

Samsung AKG Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

AKG Wireless Headphone Shopping for loved ones who love to travel has just gotten easier. This roundup features the best gifts for travels from kids to adults.

These Samsung AKG N60NC headphones, since they are compact, wireless, and noise-canceling, they are ideal for traveling via land, road, or sea. They come in handy for the times when I am on a flight with a family that has noisy kids or if I want to just enjoy an inflight movie in peace.

Portable Charger


Making sure all devices are fully charged during travel is especially important for travelers. The last thing a traveler needs is to have their phone, tablet or e-reader die while on a long flight or on a road trip. A dead device is a useless device.

Television Streaming Device

A streaming device like a Roku or Firestick will give travelers access to their favorite movies and shows anywhere they go. This is helpful, especially for travelers like me who have kids. We use our streaming device to stream our daughter’s favorite cartoons, which helps prevent her from getting homesick.

VPN Subscription

When going overseas certain television shows aren’t available due to location. A VPN will be helpful, especially when used in conjunction with a streaming device like a Roku or Firestick. I can’t tell you the number of times having a VPN while traveling has been helpful.

International Travel Plug Adapter


Having on hand a travel plug that fits the outlet of various countries is helpful for a traveler. One international travel plug adapter that can fit the electrical outlets for various countries. This all-in-one product helps relieve stress and is one less thing to pack and worry about.

RFID Blocking Travel Accessories


RFID blocking travel accessories like passport holders are the perfect gifts for travelers because they help protect traveler’s most important travel documents from hackers, thus preventing identity theft.

Foldable/Collapsible Travel Bag


A foldable/collapsible travel bag is great for travelers who love to bring back items from their travels whether they’re souvenirs for family and friends or something for them to remember their adventure.

TP Kits 10-Pack

TP KIts Shopping for loved ones who love to travel has just gotten easier. This roundup features the best gifts for travelers from kids to adults.

This is the perfect kit for travelers. Whether camping or road tripping TP Kits will have you prepared when nature calls. The 10 pack kit contains five (5) 2-ply tissues and two (2) wet wipes in a resealable package. 

Cost: $10.00 

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Disclosure: Magformers, Solar-powered Rovers, and My Discovery Telescope were provided to Kim of Beauty and the Bump NYC for review consideration.  All opinions are my own and links may provide an affiliate commission.