The 2020 Christmas season waits for no one. I’m excited for what December will bring in regards to the holiday festivities. My hope is that everybody gets plenty of yuletide cheer and is able to enjoy a safe holiday season with their family and friends. I’m not so concerned about gift lists and that sort of thing, but I do worry about my kids getting the most fun they can. You may not know it, but 2020 has not been the most fun! I’m all about using any small ways I can to add something extra to their lives and I especially want to bring some extra magic during the holiday season. If you feel the same way I have a really unique printable fill-in-the-blank letter to Santa Claus that you should have your kids fill out.

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Letter to Santa Christmas Keepsake printable

Why a Letter to Santa?

Writing a letter to Santa is a time-honored tradition. The act embodies sweetness and purity that should be nurtured and embraced. Not every child feels comfortable composing a complete letter, but with the printable letter, I have here any kid can correspond with Santa Claus. It’s a very good way to introduce your kids to the structure of a letter, and how to print certain important information such as name, age, and the city they live in. The letter also has children acknowledge whether they have been naughty or nice. I think this is a nice touch because it encourages self-reflection.

The best part of the whole thing is the part where your child can list what they want. What I love about it is that there are spaces to fill out for different categories. This encourages even more reflection and causes children to think about other important things they need or can use, rather than simply putting the focus on one type of gift, like toys or games. Find out what types of books or clothes your kids want and make them think about other important things that may be outside the box.

Print out this letter for your kids and you will get a better insight into how to do your Christmas shopping. You will also have a sweet little keepsake to save.

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If you want to bring some extra magic to my kids during the holiday season, print this unique fill-in-the-blank letter to Santa Claus.

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