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Just two months after coming into this world, my sweet little baby began drooling excessively. It couldn’t be! Sure enough, at her two-month doctor’s visit, it was confirmed, teething has begun. The doctor suggested things to help relieve her during this process. No frills items like a clean wet washcloth rubbed on her gums and teething toys were suggested. I’ve used both. Over time, we’ve amassed a collection of toys. You know, babies have their favorites. I’ve curated a list of my baby’s favorite teething toys in hopes of helping you build your teething baby’s stash. These baby teething toys are infant tested and approved by Beauty and the Bump’s in-house baby toy tester. She has a little over 3 months of experience testing teething toys for babies.

My Baby’s Favorite Teething Toys


Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether

IcyBite is one of her favorite toys for teething, especially when her gums are extra bothersome. She loves to use it cold so we stick it in the freezer.

Cost: $3.88

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Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether with Case

She likes this easy to grip teether.  The soft silicone bristles are gentle yet they provide just the right amount of relief for her itchy gums. I love it because it comes with a carry case. It is one of the first toys I reach for when we head out.

Cost: $6.99

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Nuby Safari Friends Baby Teether

My daughter loves this teething toy! Actually, there are two parts in particular that she enjoys most: the cloth ends and the silicone “cloud”. She will rub either end on her gums for minutes!

Cost: $15.68

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teetherpop Fillable Freezable, Baby Teether for Breast Milk

I came across teetherpop by chance while looking for teething toys where I can add my breastmilk. I love that I can use this to make a cooling and soothing teething pop with my own breastmilk. She enjoys it, too!

Cost: $12.99

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Baby Banana Unicorn Baby Teether

At 5 months, her brain is a sponge. I’ve been using this to mimic toothbrushing; however, she enjoys rubbing the soft silicone on her gums for instant relief.

Cost: $9.79

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Green Sprouts Stay-dry Milk Catcher Bib

Teething means there is a ton of drool! I’ve had drool everywhere – coming down my legs and arms, on the floor – everywhere! I love these bibs because they keep her neck dry preventing her clothes and skin from getting too moist. When a baby’s skin is too moist for a long period of time a rash can develop. This helps prevent that.

Cost: $7.99/3-pack

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To help keep al her teething toys clean, I use Dapple.  It’s a plant-based dish soap that’s safe for baby’s bottles, toys, pacifiers, and more. I love using this on her toys because it makes me feel better that I am not using harsh chemicals on things she’s putting in her mouth.

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I've curated a list of baby teething toys that are infant tested and approved by Beauty and the Bump's in-house baby toy tester. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own and are honest. This post contains affiliate links. Dapple provided for review consideration.