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There are some perks to being a Beauty and the Bump NYC, you get the scoop on the best toys for the holiday season. After attending the TTPM Holiday Showcase 2018, I was able to compile a list of trusted, tested and popular toys for kids of all ages. These include scented surprise toys, squishy toys, toys that spark kids’ creative side and more! Grab a pin (or pin this post) because we have the best Stocking Stuffers for Kids for this holiday season.

CakePop Cuties™ Jumbo Cake Pops

Twice the size as regular CakePop Cuties offering kids twice the fun of squishy animal goodness. The Jumbo Cake Pops come with two squishies, a sticker sheet, and two mini accessories. Collect one or get all four.

CakePop Cuties Jumbo Cake Pop

Age: 4+

Cost: $9.99 at

Alex DIY Do Dats

These are really cute collectible characters that your kids can make out of beads. They can be worn on their backpacks, keychain or just have fun playing and creating different things with the beads. Watch the video below to see how you Do Dat.

Age: 6+

Cost: $12.00 at

Pomsie Pets

These are cute wearable “pets” that react to touch when worn. They purr when held, and their eyes glow different colors depending on their mood.

Wearable Interactive Toy Stocking Stuffer

Age: 4+

Cost: $14.99 at

L.O.L. Surprise! Light Up Diary

This diary allows kids to express themselves, and if necessary, lock away their most personal thoughts and most cherished memories. The Light Up Diary comes with batteries, two sticker sheets to decorate it, and ballpoint pen.

L.O.L. Surprise Light Up Diary by Horizon Group USA

Age: 5+

Cost: $12.97 at

Stikbot Dino!

These mystery eggs unleash pre-historic fun. Collect all 24 to create a video of your Stikbot Dinos (and other stikbots) in action using the free zing® zanimation™ studios app.

StikBot Dino Stikbot monsters



You can’t have Stikbots without the studio.

Age: 4+

Cost: Stikbot Monsters! $4.99 at,

Lil’ Gleemerz Interactive Pet

These cute little gleaming lemurs are about 6″ tall but packed full of adorableness with their long tail and huge color-changing eyes. It has three different modes for which kids can interact and play with it. These include: Hang Out, Light Party and Game mode.

Affordable Stocking Stuffer Lil Gleemerz


Age: 6+

Cost: $17.89 at $17.82 at


Hairdorables stepped up the surprise box toys with these cute dolls that have unique hairstyles and colors. The hair is BIG. It is one of my daughter’s favorite dolls. Plus, they come with multiple surprises to reveal including accessories, fashion, hairstyles and more. The dolls are based on 12 iconic girls from the YouTube series, Hairdorables.

Hairdorables Surprise Stocking Stuffer

Age: 3+

Cost: $12.89 at

Treasure X Mystery Pack

Have a kid who loves to find treasure? Then the Treasure X Mystery Pack is for them. There are 32 treasures to collect and even a chance to find a gold-plated treasure.


Or you can get the Treasure X Adventure Pack that comes with two (2) Treasure X Mystery Packs for under $20.

Age: 5+

Cost: $8.99 at

Smooshy Mushy Bento Box

Yay for scented squishies! Smooshy Mushy’s are a favorite in our household. As an adult, they’re a great stress reliever with an added incentive, the yummy scent. My 7-year-old also loves them due to their cuteness and scents. Each box comes with an exclusive, scented Smooshy pet, collector stickers, two mini scented “besties” and a super cute display tray.

Smooshy Mushy Bento Box

Age: 6+

Cost: $14.94 at

Pikmi Pops Surprise! Flips

Pikmi Pops are another scented toy we love. They smell so good! If your kids are a fan of cotton candy, then they will love the Pikmi Pops Surprise! Flips. They are reversible scented plushies that turn from a pom pom into a Pikmi in a flip! This Pikmi Flips pack includes 1 reversible scented plush, 1 surprise message, and 1 cord. Use the cord to take your favorite Pikmi Flips everywhere – on your keys or off your bag! There are 12 cotton candy inspired Pikmi Flips to collect, including an ultra rare unicorn!


Age: 5+

Cost: $9.88 at

Mighty Beanz Slam Pack

These are collectible Beanz that come alive! Kids will have fun slamming the top of the Bean Pod and be amazed while the Bean Pod expands and bursts open! Inside you will find eight (8) Mighty Beanz and one Collector’s Guide! There are 120 Mighty Beans to collect in Series 1. Look for Rare, Ultra Rare, Super Rare, Mighty Rare Beanz or the Limited Edition Golden Hero Mighty Bean.

Mighty Beanz Slam Pack

Age: 5+

Cost: $9.99 at

Shopkins Lil’ Secrets

Have a little one interested in unlocking mysteries? With the Shopkins Lil’ Secrets, kids can unlock Lolita Pops’s So Sweet Candy Shop by cracking a code. Find her BFF Shopkins on the map of Shopvillle (included), and scratch to reveal the 3 symbols. It includes Teeny Shoppie Lolita Pops and 1 mystery Tiny Shopkin.

Shopkins Lil' Secrets

Age: 5- 15 Years Old

Cost: $9.99 at $9.88 at

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Hatchy Holidays Set

Hatchimals is here with these adorable holiday-themed CollEGGtibles in festive eggs and nests. Some of them even hold a tiny present.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Hatchy Holidays Set

Age: 5+

Cost: $3.99 at

Lil’ Fairyland Cuties

These are adorable stocking stuffers, perfect for the little girl in love with surprise toys and fairies. Kids will enjoy unwrapping each layer of the fun colorful wrapping paper to reveal a surprise until you reach the final surprise, a Lil’ Fairyland Cutey. There’s 12 to collect in all.

Lil' Fairlyand Cuties


Age: 3+

Cost: Available for $9.99 at

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