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7 Best Baby Feeding Products for Snacks & Mealtimes

Initially, baby feeding can be a stressful experience. You’re trying to figure out what to feed your baby and what to use to ensure the food doesn’t go all over the place. Suffice to say, mealtimes with your baby can be a learning curve for every mom, especially since each child is so different. Sometimes you’ll have a picky eater who lives for chucking their plate across the room like they’re competing for the Frisbee Olympics.  

I think it’s safe to say that there will also be many occasions where you will wish you donned a hazmat suit before sitting down with that jar of peas and carrots.  Every mom could use a little help in the baby mealtime arena, which is why I’ve pulled together some of the Best Baby Feeding Products for Snacks and Mealtimes that have helped me survive the first year. 

Best Baby Snack and Mealtime Products: (0-6 months)

Hudson Baby unisex-baby Cotton Terry Drooler Bibs 

During my baby’s first months, I truly came to appreciate the absorbancy of these drooler bibs.  These Hudson Cotton Terry Drooler Bibs are effective for catching milk or formula spit-up as well as those first attempts at baby food, and they can be thrown in the wash with the rest of those burp cloths and baby blankets.  


Dr. Brown’s Soft-Tip Toddler Feeding Spoons

While I was never overly particular about the subject of feeding spoons with either of my two girls, they did seem to prefer spoons that had soft tips as opposed to hard plastic. These Dr. Brown’s feeding spoons were much easier on their gums, especially during those teething phases.   


ezpz Mini Mat-100% Silicone Suction Plate with Built-in Placemat for Infants + Toddlers

As your babies start to transition from a strictly breastmilk or formula-fed diet, it’s important to help them develop those fine motor skills at the dinner table.  I have this in gray. I love this EZPZ mat because it suctions down onto the table and has a built-in plate.  After a particularly messy mealtime, it’s also nice to be able to stick it in the dishwasher instead of handwashing.


Best Baby Snack and Mealtime Products: (6+ months)

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder 

When my babies were taking those first steps to feed themselves, I was worried about them choking on larger pieces of food, which is why this Munchkin feeder is so ingenious.  You can place fresh fruit and veggies into the bag, and your little eater can gum to their heart’s content.

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Happy Healthy Parents Silicone Baby Bibs 

I cannot recommend these bibs enough to any mom out there.  The wide pocket catches food and juice that misses its mark, and they’re so easy to clean. These Happy Healthy Parents silicone bibs were a game-changer in our household, and they last forever. 


Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl 

I don’t know about your babies, but mine learned very quickly how fun it was to throw their bowls, plates, and anything else on the floor and have mommy continuously pick them up.  You’ve probably seen me vent about this recently on Instagram. These Stay Put Bowls by Munchkin easily suction on and off the table, and you can also put them in the microwave.


GRABEASE First Self Feed Baby Utensils 

I think it’s safe to say that all moms have an end goal of our babies eventually learning how to feed themselves. These GRABEASE Baby Utensils encourage independent feeding with a unique ergonomic design.  The cloud stoppers also act as a choking barrier, and the utensils themselves are a breeze to clean. 


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I firmly believe that motherhood is best endured together, which is why I love to share as much from my own experiences as possible.  Trust me, you are not alone, momma!  I hope this list of Best Baby Feeding Products for Snacks and Mealtimes will help you and your baby on the journey to baby feeding independence and give you some peace of mind!

What are some of your must-have baby feeding products?