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Choosing what to buy for your baby can be confusing. There are just way too many options for baby gear, toys, etc. from which to choose. The last thing I want to do is spend money on something my baby doesn’t enjoy. I am pretty sure I’m not the only mom who feels this way. Over the past 6 months – I can’t believe it’s been that long – my baby and I have used our fair share of baby items. Here are our favorite baby must-haves we loved & really used.

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Baby Must-Haves That Help Mom Get Things Done

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are the ultimate baby gear item to help moms get things done around the house. It allows your hands to be free to do pretty much anything. And you can breastfeed in a carrier. From the time she was a newborn until around 3-months old, I used a baby wrap. After that, we used a structured baby carrier.

Baby Swing or Rocker

I’ve seen so many videos and pictures of people’s cute babies asleep in swings or rockers, but my baby just won’t do that. However, when I need to get something done quickly like using the restroom or get dressed, I pop her right in the mamaRoo or Baby Einstein Jumper.

Play Yard

Now that my daughter is almost 7 months, we can no longer use the mamaRoo. It served its purposes. But thankfully, we own this pretty awesome play yard (read about it here). The Tiny Love Here I Grow 6-in-1 Play Yard has been amazing over the last 6 months. We use it for diaper changes. I’ve used it for her naps, and now that she’s crawling and moving around everywhere, I use it to keep her safe while I’m busy working or doing other things around the house.

Baby Monitor 

In the evenings after I put her down for the night, I usually spend the rest of my time downstairs catching up on T.V. shows, washing dishes, or spending time with my oldest daughter and my husband. A baby monitor helps me keep a close eye on her without having to be in the same room.

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Baby Must-Haves for Teething Babies

Teething Toys

She’s been teething since she was two months old. As a result, we’ve amassed numerous teething toys. You can check out my Teething Baby? Here’s a List of My Baby’s Favorite Teething Toys post to see some of her favorites.

Stay Dry Bib

Teething means a lot of drool. We had muslin cloth bibs, which are great for feeding time; but not so great for all the drool that comes with teething. I love stay-dry bibs. They help keep the neck area dry, thus preventing the baby from getting a rash.

White Washcloth

Yup, a plain old [clean] white washcloth will work wonders for a teething baby. White because you don’t want your baby ingesting dyes. Plus, you can see visible dirt. My daughter’s doctor actually recommended it. She loves sucking on it after I wet it with cold water. It soothes whatever pain she gets from teething.

Baby Feeding Must-Haves

The high chair can go in the bucket of "Things that Help Mom Get Things Done" because I can sit my baby in her high chair with a spoon or whatever toy to keep her busy, while I'm getting things done around the kitchen. Yeah, it's great for feedings too! We use the Graco Duo Diner LX.

High chair

The high chair can go in the bucket of “Things that Help Mom Get Things Done” because I can sit my baby in her high chair with a spoon or whatever toy to keep her busy, while I’m getting things done around the kitchen. Yeah, it’s great for feedings too! We use the Graco Duo Diner LX.


Blender to Puree Baby Food

Although we own a Vitamix, I thought it would be better to have a separate blender specifically to make her baby food. You know, to prevent cross-contamination with anything that can cause an allergic reaction. I picked up the Sage Spoonfuls Sage Baby Puree & Blend. I actually posted a Reel on Instagram showing me pureeing some prunes.

Baby Food Freezer Tray

Food-grade silicone freezer trays are a godsend for busy working moms like me. It allows me to make my baby’s food ahead of time, and freeze it in portion-controlled cubes. I store the cubes in a freezer bag until I’m ready to use whichever puree I made. The silicone trays I use are BPA-free and the frozen purees easily pop out.

Suction Bowls & Long Arm Spoons

I forgot how quick babies are with their hands. Without suction bowls like the Munchkin Stay-Put Suction Bowls, my daughter’s baby food will be all over the place – in her hair, on the floor, in her high chair – everywhere! I also like using the long arm silicone spoons. They’re great for getting to food at the bottom of the jar or bowl. They’re gentle on her gums and budding baby teeth. Plus, she sometimes snatches one to use as a teether.

Baby Bath Time

Bath Accessories

Unless you are getting in the tub with your baby, most of your time spent bathing your little one will be spent on your knees. Learn from my mistakes and get a bath kneeler to provide a cushion for your knees while you’re bathing your baby. It also prevents your knees from getting discolored from friction. I use the Puj Bath Kneeler. I love it.

Baby Bath Tub or Baby Bath Tub Seat

For the first 6 months, I used a baby bath support seat. I loved it because I could sit her in it while bathing her, and didn’t have to worry about her delicate baby skin being soaked in water for too long. It also made cleaning and rinsing easy. Unfortunately, once she began sitting up on her own and moving, I had to switch to a baby bathtub. We use the 4moms Clean Water Tub. I love it because it tells you the temperature of the water being used. However, it isn’t the baby’s favorite because she can’t really splash around the water and kick her feet like she would in the AngelCare Bath Support. Soon enough she’ll be old enough to use the tub without any support and will be in her glory.

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Choosing what to get for your baby can be confusing. There's too many options. Here are our favorite baby must-haves we loved & really used.