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One of the most important things that anyone can learn is self-discipline. Without discipline, you can’t make goals and accomplish dreams. You can wish and hope all you like but without a little bit of elbow grease, you are never going to get anywhere close to what you desire for yourself. That’s where discipline comes in and why it’s so important. And it’s why I love the glow-up challenge.


Do you ever feel at war with yourself when you have to choose between working toward an achievable goal and watching 90 Day Fiance Universe on Discovery Plus? I get it! That’s why I see so much value in lists and charts that help motivate you and keep you on track. In this case, I have some inspiration for your skincare routine that you are going to love! my glow-up challenge tracker now and start reaching your health and beauty goals.

Tracking Your Glow

As a Virgo, the only thing I love better than making lists to get my life organized is not having to write lists to get my life organized. That’s why the first page of my glow-up challenge tracker that you can simply read and check as you do the things prescribed there. The list includes all kinds of actions from eating more fruits and vegetables to trimming your split ends. Of course, there is more to the glow-up challenge than just completing the list. There are other ways to dive deep and completely alter your beauty routine to achieve results.

There are multiple trackers at work in my glow-up challenge printable. They are very neatly organized and concise, so you will have no problem keeping up with your routine for skincare and exercise. These sheets provide spaces to write your own priorities in and days of the week so you can mark down whether or not you succeeded in meeting the day’s task load. The skincare routine page includes a night routine as well as a morning one. The exercise page allows for ample activities and even notes to journal your experiences.

One other key element I find very useful is the water intake chart. This chart allows you to track how much water you consume on each day of the week four up to four weeks per page. Staying hydrated is hugely important and it’s something I always have to remind myself of. It’s also motivating because it helps you decide to drink water over some other beverage choice that might not be as healthy.

Print This Glow-Up Challenge Tracker to Propel and Record Your Progress

If you thrive on documentation and use bullet journaling as a source of inspiration and motivation, then this is totally for you. Start using this immediately to make changes to your daily routine. Simply following the list provided and filling in your own daily routine to track results in looking and feeling better. Stick to the challenge and follow the tracker. You can do it!

As moms it's often hard to take time for self-care. I've created this glow-up challenge tracker to make focusing on you easier. This 30-day glow up challenge list has everything you need.

Until next time – Drink water. Moisturize. Mind your business. GLOW UP!