It’s been tough getting through January after I think we all breathed that collective sigh of relief at the beginning of 2021. Of course, bidding farewell to 2020 did not automatically do away with all of the calamity it caused. We may still have the same problems 2020 threw at us, but we also have new ways to cope. And we have a hopeful outlook as things genuinely begin to look better. Still, last year was tough, especially for parents. We had to deal first hand with all of the real problems and hypothetical solutions that were getting thrown around, all while we had more pressure to make ends meet while working double-time to care for our children. That’s why it’s the right time to reevaluate self-care in our busy lives.

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2020 was tough on parents working double time to raise our kids and make ends meet. That's Why it's time to reevaluate self-care in our busy lives.

What is Self-care in 2021?

As things return to normal in 2021, it’s an excellent time to get emotionally centered and rediscover ourselves. This New Year’s self-care printout addresses precisely the things we need as moms to get the rest and rejuvenation we need after a year of virtual learning and zero time for ourselves. It’s not all about taking time out. Rather, it’s about regular reminders to focus our minds and our attitudes on what’s important.

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With this New Year’s self-care checklist, it’s all about taking the opportunity to reprioritize what’s important to you by placing self-care on the top of your to-do list each day and night. It all starts with a morning routine and ends with an evening routine. It’s full of quick and easy tasks that will keep you in control and feeling good about yourself. Day in and day out as we take on 2021 with more strength and attack than ever.

Why is Self-care Important?

Self-care helps to put you in a positive direction in life. It promotes mind and body balance and leads you toward better health. What I love about this checklist is that it is a one-time assessment of your self-care routine that lets you plan how you want to prioritize YOU in 2021. You sit down with this checklist and decide what you will do. Create your routines, develop a diet plan, or a simple resolution to eat more conscientiously. The list also prompts important tasks we tend to put off like scheduling annual appointments and reminds us to start keeping a daily journal if we aren’t already. This one-time checklist is a great start to a fantastic year of personal growth and wellness.