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It has been nearly six months since having my new SUV, and I am proud to say that the interior still looks and smells like a new car. With kids, it is sometimes hard to keep the car interior clean, but with these tips and the help of Diono car accessories, you can prevent your kids from ruining your new car.

No Eating in the Car

When I got my new SUV, I banned eating in my car. Water and drinks in sippy cups or cups with caps/lids are allowed.


Only Allow “Safe” Foods or Snacks

If completely banning food is not an option, especially if you are on a long road trip, consider foods that are easy to vacuum that is not messy or sticky and like Little Bites Muffins, dry cereals, trail mixes, and dried fruits.

Safe Car Food Little bites

Invest in a Seat Cover to Protect Your Seats

Car seats and booster seats, when installed sitting directly on the car’s upholstery can leave damaging indentations. Additionally, dirt and liquids can damage your seats if they are not protected. I love the Diono ultra mat™. The mat protects the seat from scratches, dents, and spills, and it offers simple clean-up if any of those things were to happen. I also love how durable is the material.


Protect Your Seat Backs from Kicks

Can someone please tell me why kids love to kick the back of the front seats? I have no idea the number of times I have to tell my daughter and/or nephew to stop kicking the backs of the seats or putting their feet there. To protect the seat backs from footprints and scuffing up the leather, I use the Diono stuff ‘n scuff™  or the Diono stow ‘n go ™. The latter not only protects the back of the seat but also has storage to keep the kids’ entertainment items like tablets and books and can even hold their bottles or sippy cups.

Diono Stow N Go Kendall Wellie Wisher

Have a Proper Car Seat

Make sure the car seat or booster seat that you choose for your kid(s) is safe and has cup holders. The cup holders for the car seat should be deep enough to keep a juice box or sippy cup upright and prevent any of those from tipping over creating a spill.

Invest in a Car Vaccum

Dirt and crumbs are kind of inevitable, but with a handheld vacuum you can suck up those bad boys quicker than they came. I love my Black and Decker Pivot Automotive Vacuum. You can purchase one from Amazon for under $40.00.

Armed with these tips, you will be able to keep your kids from ruining your new car just like me. Ultimately, if you want nice things, and keep them that way, don’t have kids. Of course, I am only joking.

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How do you prevent your kids from ruining your new car?

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