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Our daughter’s 5th birthday party was one that wore me out completely. Since then, my husband and I told our daughter that instead, we would take a trip for her birthday and only have a birthday party for milestones. Last year, we spent her birthday weekend at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and this year we spent an afternoon visiting the world’s most notable landmarks at Gulliver’s Gate.

Gulliver's Gate _Eiffel Tower

Gulliver’s Gate is a 50,000 square foot world of miniatures located in the heart of Time’s Square.  Here is where we were able to “travel” to various parts of the world like Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and more. Our 7-year-old daughter enjoyed pointing out places and landmarks we have visited during our travels like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London.

Gulliver's Gate Big Ben

Egypt is a place our daughter has been asking to visit for her 10th birthday. It was exciting for her to see a miniature version of the Pyramids, Sphynx and Nile River. Now, we really have to take her to see all of those things in person. Thank God we have three years to plan this trip.

Gulliver's Gate Egypt Sphynx

My husband and I spotted places we have on our travel bucket list like Japan, Singapore, and Peru. We were in awe of the attention to detail demonstrated in each model, especially the colors capture in the replica of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park.

Gulliver's Gate Favorites

Gulliver’s Gate not only gives you a glimpse of what all of these places look like, there is also a functioning airport to ensure you get there. The airport boasts a 2,000 square foot tarmac and long-gone airlines like Pan American World Airways. I also spotted Delta, Emirates, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.

Gulliver's Gate Airport

Gulliver’s Gate makes learning about culture fun and interactive by allowing all guests to control select interactive scenes in each display using a special key, which you are allowed to keep at the end of your visit as a souvenir. Being able to use the key to “unlock the magic” of each scene had to have been our daughter’s favorite thing to do. She zipped through every locale just to see what the key would make happen next. Her favorite was seeing Santa and the reindeer fly and the chickens in the coop move.

Spending an afternoon at Gulliver’s Gate for our daughter’s 7th birthday was a fun experience for all of us. The next time you are in the New York City area make a visit to Gulliver’s Gate. There is something for everyone there to appreciate and learn from. Kids will enjoy the scavenger hunt. Like my daughter who loved looking for the Easter Eggs. I also heard that the Obama’s are hidden somewhere in the Isreal display, but we weren’t able to locate them. If you do, be sure to come back and comment to let us know.

What is the entry into Gulliver’s Gate going to cost you?

Adults: $36
Children (12 & under) & Senior Citizens (65+): $27
Active Duty Military (in uniform with proper ID): FREE at the box office

Gulliver’s Gate is open every day starting at 10:00 AM—8:00 PM. Last entry is 1 hour before closing. Check here for more information on hours and rates.

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