The 2017 Mazda 3i was provided through DriveShop for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.

My husband and I always try to make our daughter’s birthday celebrations special, which is how we ended up in Orlando for the second year in a row to celebrate her birthday. You see, ever since her fifth birthday our daughter has asked to go to Disney World for her sixth birthday. Luckily for her, her birthday coincided with a long weekend, which meant we would be able to spend her sixth birthday cruising in Orlando in the 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door. But this time, we would be making her Disney dreams come true.

2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door


Are We in England?

From the time my husband and I whisked her away from school, drove to the airport, and landed in Orlando, and then picked up the 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door, our daughter had no idea that we would be heading to Walt Disney World. What she did notice was that we had a “new” cool-looking car that she could not wait to get in. She loves new cars, and the 2017 Mazda3 i with its “Machine Gray Metallic” exterior and “Black Black” leather interior appealed to her little eyes. So much so that she could not wait for us to load our luggage in the trunk, which was a decent size for a compact car (20.2 cubic feet), and to install her car seat.

But, where did she think we were and where did she think we were heading? She did not care as long as KidzBop could be played on the Bose sound system during our driving adventures.

Disney_ Hilton Grand Vacations

Once we were in our hotel room, even with it decorated with Disney-themed items like a Minnie Mouse stuffed toy, she did not know we were in Orlando to head to Disney World. She actually thought we were in England since that was the only upcoming trip that we’ve clued her in on. My husband and I had a good laugh at that too, especially since she would say things like “But, the people here are not driving on the other side.” She even said to my husband that we did not have any British pounds (currency). It got so bad that we actually felt bad about it, and could not wait until the next morning when we would be able to spill the beans.


“My dreams have come true!”

The next day, while my husband drove the 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring, as per her request I sat with my daughter in the backseat – only because it was her birthday. I am usually not a fan of compact cars because the backseat isn’t always comfortable due to the lack of legroom, this did not hold true for the 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door.

My daughter with her long legs was able to stretch without kicking the backseat even while in her car seat, and I had enough room to spread out next to her, but I did notice that if we had an additional person in the back with us, the fit would be tight.

During this drive, with seeing the palm trees, feeling the warm weather, and seeing no telltale signs of this place being England, our daughter still had no idea that we were in Orlando and heading to Disney. As we rolled into the Magic Kingdom, it was the cutest and most heartwarming thing to hear her gasp in surprise and excitement when she realized where we were. She even exclaimed that “My dreams have come true! It’s Disney World!”


The 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door is Safe and Easy on the Pockets

Having a compact car like the 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door for our weekend getaway to surprise our daughter was perfect. Safety features such as low-speed forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking and a blind-spot monitoring system with rear cross-traffic alert allowed us to safely reach our destinations in Orlando during the busy spring break season.  We were also impressed by the fuel economy we experienced from the 2.5-liter engine. We did a lot of driving, from a 15-minute drive to Walt Disney World or nearly a two-hour drive to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, fueling up was easy on our pockets, which meant more money spent on enjoying our weekend getaway in Orlando.

Disney Dreams Come true in the 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door

The 2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring 4-Door has an MSRP of $28,230.

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Disclosure: The 2017 Mazda 3i was provided through DriveShop for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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  • LeShelle Smith

    Too cute!!! Her excitement is infectious. I could tell she was super surprised.

  • That’s Chelsea

    What a nice surprise!? Your daughter is so cute. Her beads to me back to my own childhood. I have a Mazda 6 and love it. Looks like everyone had a great time.

    • I LOVE the Mazda 6 it is #1 out of their fleet for me, and then comes the CX-5

  • I’m taking my twins in August. Do you have any tips that we should know. Also are their any deals on fast passes etc?

    • It will be hot in August and crowded. The park will fill your water bottles for free and there’s water fountains. Closer to closing the lines are shortest and right after the fireworks show(s) and parades. We saw 10-minute and 15-minute waits for the popular rides during those times. The fast passes are free. Schedule them for the rides you’d like to get on first in advance. I wish that we’d done that before we left. Download the Disney app too. You’ll be able to schedule your fast passes and set your itinerary from there too.

  • ShaBree Henry

    What a great birthday surprise! Looks like she had loads of fun. Never considered the Mazda. Will look into it.

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    How fun! And that’s the car I’ve been looking at! Mine is on it’s last legs and we’ve been car shopping

    • Are you settled on this one or do you have others in mind? In NY this is a popular car and it is fast.

  • You guys are so cute! Traveling as a family is the best, I’m sure your little girl will grow up appreciating these trips 🙂

    • LOL IDK about it being the best because we always need a respite after these family trips. She’s so demanding. But, it is fun and a great feeling letting her experience different places and things.

  • That was the cutest reaction ever! I love finding the greatness in cars that I usually wouldn’t look twice at, because it makes me think about cars that I would like to rent when I’m traveling out of town. I love that you were able to surprise your daughter, and that she enjoyed herself for her birthday!

    • I like renting, too for the same reason. That’s how we settled on our first car. Wasn’t her reaction the BEST?!?

  • Outdoorsy Diva

    Greeat way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday. The car is super cute but I prefer something a bit bigger.

    • It’s a cute car, and it has speed, which I like.

  • Jonna

    Awwww I’m so glad that she was excited about her surprise trip to Disney. This car looks pretty dope too and more spacious than I thought.

    • The car was nice to have for this trip, but for us to have as a family car it isn’t practical.

  • Tanya Barnett

    Awwww… this was precious. She is certainly blessed to have loving parents to show her such love.

    • Thank you, Tanya. I hope she remembers how

  • Holly

    Sounds like a great time. Mazda has some nice cars. Love Disney.

  • What a fun surprise for your daughter! I hope you had a wonderful time. I’ve never driving a Madza, but I’d love to take one for a spin.

    • We did have fun. It was both her and my husband’s first time. My husband wants to go back, but without her lo

  • BoyzRuleOurWorld

    Happy birthday to your princess! The Mazda looks awesome! We reviewed the CX5 a few years ago on a road trip & it was very comfortable. I’m glad to hear they haven’t compromised anything over the years.

  • It sounds like the best birthday ever. I’m digging the ride. Mazda knows how to keep our interest.

    • I like what mazda has been doing over the years. They’ve definitely stepped up their game.

  • Daria Vinning

    Very lucky little darlin! She’ll definitely have memories to look back on! Awesome mom and dad…btw I love the car as well!

    • She is definitely blessed. I hope she remembers everything.

  • Awww you guys are amazing parents! I don’t know If id have the paitence but YOU GO GIRL!! She is adorable by the way

    • .:blushing:. Thank you. We try. She’s our only one so she gets spoiled lol

  • What a wonderful birthday surprise that was! Happy Birthday to her! She’ll always treasure her sixth!

  • Kemkem

    What a sweet looking ride! I love the color and the fact that it looks like an SUV and like a car. Great way to celebrate her birthday in style.

    • You think it looks like an SUV? She definitely celebrated her birthday in style.

  • Cindy Ingalls

    “My dreams have come true”–how cute is that? The car is great looking too!

  • Such a beautiful family!! So cool you got to drive around in that car for the trip too!!

  • I had a mazda for about 5 years and LOVED it.

  • marciaf

    What a lucky little girl. You are providing experiences that she’ll never forget. Better be prepared to buy her an awesome car like this Mazda when she turns 16.

    • She is definitely blessed. LOL OMG no. She already has an affinity for cars, and not just any car, she loves convertibles. Save me now!

  • That is adorable! Her reaction is priceless!

    • Thank you! I am so happy I was able to capture it on video. Now I can show her when she gets older.

  • Karla @browngirlgumbo

    How special! I’m sure your daughter will cherish this memory forever. Precious, priceless memories!

    • Moments like this is what makes me happy to be a parent.

  • Melissa Velazquez

    Her reaction was everything! So happy you captured it. Really cool car too!

    • Wasn’t it?!? I wasn’t sure if she’d react in that way or just be like ehh we’re here.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    So cute! How wonderful to celebrate her milestone birthday. Now We Are Six. And the car rocks too!

    • She’s a blessed little girl. Next one is 10 lol