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It has been nearly three years since we’ve moved from Brooklyn to Long Island. Can you believe, we haven’t ever visited the Long Island Children’s Museum (LICM)? After visiting recently for a play date with my daughter, my sister, and her kids, I regret not visiting sooner.

Long Island Children's Museum Exhibits

With its 14 interactive exhibits, live theater, art spaces and more, the Long Island Children’s Museum is the best place to bring your children and even some friends for a playdate.

Bubble Exhibit Long Island Children's Museum

As soon as we walked into the LICM, our kids made a beeline for the Bubble Exhibit. What kid does not love bubbles? There, my daughter and nephew made bubbles of all shapes and sizes and even got themselves enclosed in an oversized bubble.

Climb-it Long Island Children's Museum

As we made our way up to the upper level of the Long Island Children’s Museum, my Mini Me spotted the Climb-It @LICM, a two-story climbing structure. Although my almost-three-year-old nephew was too small (Children must be 42” tall) to get on, my daughter enjoyed climbing and finding her way through as my sister and I watched and walked alongside the ribbon-like ramp of Climb-It.

Long Island Children's Museum Feast for Beasts

Kids can always find the noisiest things with which to play. It came to no surprise that after petting a snake in the “Feast for Beasts” exhibit that we would miraculously end up in the loudest area of the Long Island Children’s Museum – the Drum Circle room.  This room is filled with all sorts of percussion instruments from drums to xylophones. Both my nephew and daughter went crazy in there, while my sister conveniently had to step out to do a diaper change. After a bit of convincing, I was able to get the kids to move onto the next exhibit: “Communication Station”.

Long Island Children's Museum Communication Station

The “Communication Station” is filled with opportunities to explore the development of communications.  My daughter enjoyed being able to make phone calls to speak with the other kids playing at this exhibit. We almost could not pull her away. She and my nephew also enjoyed being newscasters on News12. I think someone has a future in television.

Long Island Children's Museum News 12 Long Island

We had a great afternoon playdate at the Long Island Children’s Museum. I honestly do not know what kept us from visiting. One thing I do know is that we will return. There are still things we haven’t seen like “Our Garden” nor have we seen a show. Plus, our kids enjoyed themselves. The tell-tale sign of a great playdate is when the kids rest peacefully afterward.

Playdate at the Long Island Children's Museum

After a few hours spent climbing, running, experiencing different sounds, learning about different animals and insects, we were all exhausted.


Be sure to keep the Long Island Children’s Museum on your radar for your next playdate.

Long Island Children’s Museum Admission

General Admission: $13 | Children under 1: Free | 65+: $12 | Group Rate: $10

11 Davis Avenue

Garden City, NY 11530

(516) 224-5800 |

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Disclosure: Passes for admission were provided to the Long Island Children’s Museum for review purposes.