Road trips with the family are always fun. You get to spend several hours together while traveling to new places and enjoying the incredible sights along the way. Of course, children can tend to get antsy when they’re sitting for such lengthy periods. If you want to make sure your children are having a good time despite the long duration of the ride, you’ll need these Road Trip Activities full of fun games by your side. These simple yet fun activities keep children entertained and will have everyone inside the vehicle laughing for hours on end. You can make sure that no one feels bored or sluggish while on the road!

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Road trip activities printable with four fun kids to keep kids busy during road trips.

Why You’ll Love These Road Trip Activities

  1. They include a bunch of ideas that will encourage you to have fun and enjoy yourself while on the road with the children.
  2. These activities encourage you to bond with your children, learn more about one another, and share a few good laughs while exploring new places.
  3. You won’t have to worry about hearing your children say they’re bored or asking if you’ve arrived at the destination yet because they’ll be so preoccupied with these fun activities.

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What to Expect When Using the Road Trips Activities

When you print these Road Trip Activities and bring them with you for the car ride, you can expect a lot of good to happen. These activities provide a bonding experience like no other that your children will remember for a lifetime.

Road Trip Games Scavenger Hunt Printable Sheet

Hours of Laughs and Entertainment

When was the last time you had a good laugh? If it’s been a while, you’ll look forward to doing some of these activities with your children, where you’ll end up laughing for longer than you can even imagine. For example, you’ll have a complete scavenger hunt in front of you to see how many of those items are on the list you can find while out on the road. 

Turn it into a friendly competition to see who sees the most things on the scavenger hunt. The best way to keep track of who found what is to have each person in the car use a different color marker or crayon to mark off what they’ve spotted on the road. It’s a fun way to get silly and see what you can find on the road. Whether it’s a delivery truck, gas station, or even a picnic table where people can stop by the side of the road to rest and grab a bite to eat.

Road TRip Conversation Starter Activity printable

Good Conversations

How often do you have deep conversations with your loved ones? Let’s be honest – life gets hectic and busy, which can take us away from the people that mean the most to us. Engage with your children more with the conversation starters included in this printable. They are great to bring with you for the ride to ask all kinds of fun questions that will encourage conversations with your family.

The conversation starters include questions that ask about favorites, such as your children’s favorite book, joke, and silly song. Not only can they tell you what their favorite is, but they can also explain why and go into detail. There are several other conversation starters, such as what your children like most about themselves or what they’d wish for if a genie granted them three (3) wishes.

Play the Alphabet Game on your next road trip

The Benefits of Road Trip Activities

These road trip activities offer countless benefits. If you’re not sure what types of benefits you’ll get to enjoy with your loved ones when you print these activities and use them, check out this simple list that explains it for you!

  • Quality Time – Who doesn’t love to spend quality time with their partner and children? If you’re on a road trip and you’re already right there with the kids, it’s the perfect time to engage in conversations that will help you bond and learn more about each other. You’ll quickly notice how cool it is that each of your children has a unique personality with different likes and preferences.
  • Boredom Buster – While road trips are super fun, children can sometimes find themselves feeling a bit bored because they’re sitting for too long. It’s especially true when you’re traveling with children under the age of 13. No matter the age of your kids, you can use these printable activities as a boredom buster. When everyone is talking and engaging in good conversation, the time starts flying. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination, ready to explore the new place you’ve traveled to.
  • Slight Friendly Competition – Who says you can’t get into a friendly competition with your loved ones? When you’re doing the scavenger hunt, make it fun to see who can find the most items on the list, with the winner getting an opportunity to choose your next spot to grab a bite to eat or something like that.

While most people rely on electronic devices to keep them entertained during long trips in the car, such as smartphones and tablets, these activities are completely alternative solutions and are perfect for those trying to go unplugged. If you’d like to spend more time bonding with your family than having each person with their headphones on in the car, these activities make such a difference.

Fun road trip activities printable where have you been

Enjoy Fun with the Family on Your Next Road Tripping Adventure

Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to have fun with the family while traveling to new places and seeing new sights. No matter where you plan to go or how long it takes to get there, keep everyone easily entertained with these printable activities that will lead to lots of laughs and pure happiness for everyone. When you have a car full of people on the road, there are many ways to have a genuinely good time! You don’t need to rely on a portable DVD player, tablets, or phones to keep everyone busy when you have simple yet fun activities that encourage quality time.

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Road Trip Games printable with four activities