Teach your children the importance of taking a break from electronics while raising unplugged kids. These printables will keep your children occupied and entertained without relying on the iPads, Kindles, and other electronic devices commonly used. If you look forward to raising unplugged kids, you’re going to love these printables!

The Benefits of Raising Unplugged Kids with printable coupons to earn screen time

What Does Unplugged Really Mean?

You’ve probably heard the word “unplugged” before in reference to getting off the electronics, such as smartphones and tablets, and simply enjoying the finer things in life. Raising unplugged kids doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a video game here or there or watch some fun, educational videos on electronics at times. Of course, technology has its benefits, and there are many great educational materials that children can use on these devices to learn fun and exciting new things. 

However, the problem with our younger generation is that they’re becoming far too reliant on these devices. Raising unplugged kids means putting real-world experiences at the forefront and encouraging children to do more than just rely on electronics for fun. Kids can get outside and experience what nature has to offer while doing fun and interesting things that don’t involve items that need to get plugged in and charged all the time.


The Benefits of Raising Unplugged Kids with printable coupons to earn screen timeThe Advantages of Less Screen Time

Less screen time plays an important role in healthy development in children. Yes, they can learn a lot from their phones and tablets, but they can also learn from experiences they’ll get to enjoy with you and the rest of their loved ones in real life. Less screen time is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Boosts Self-Esteem – Children who spend less time on electronics have higher self-esteem than those relying heavily on these devices. When children are constantly on electronics, it makes it easier for them to see what others are doing and even compare themselves to children their age. Unfortunately, this creates a bad habit that children may have for years to come, where they lack self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Makes Life More Meaningful – Children can only experience so much when they’re glued to their electronic devices. However, if they’re putting the devices away and getting out there in life, they can enjoy new experiences, make new friends, and even make memories while trying new things. You can take the kids to different places for fun adventures that don’t involve using electronics at all. The break from these devices is often much needed.

Along with these benefits, raising unplugged children can help them make decisions for themselves instead of constantly feeling like they need to follow the decisions that others make. You don’t want to raise children heavily influenced by what they see on social media.

Printable coupons to earn screen time and raise unplugged kids

Why These Printables Are Great for Kids

Raise unplugged kids who don’t feel the need to rely on their electronic devices every moment of the day to enjoy themselves. When you use these printables, your kids will:

  • Stay entertained without using electronic devices for extended periods
  • Avoid the addiction of constantly using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Find different ways to have fun, much like people did years ago rather than relying solely on what electronics provide
  • Enjoy everything around them and the new experience they get to have

If you’ve previously noticed your children spend way too much time on their electronics, you may feel like this change will be a bit hard on them. It may be difficult in the beginning for them to spend less time on these electronics if they were used to using them on demand and as often as they wanted. However, once they start to experience what life is like without always using these devices, they can have more fun and will look forward to taking a break from their devices.

These printables make the process of unplugging a lot easier because it gives the kids more to do and plenty of fun to have. They’ll quickly see that there is so much more to life than apps and games they’ve played or used.

How often should I make sure my children unplug?

As a parent, this is something entirely up to you and your discretion. However, if you’d like your children to reap the benefits of going unplugged, consider setting time limits as to how long they can spend on the devices they have, such as a gaming console, smartphone, or tablet.

When can I use these printables?

You can use these printables with your children as often as you’d like to keep them entertained. You’re providing them with a convenient way to have a good time and do different things without relying on the devices they’ve been accustomed to using for a while.

What should I do if the kids aren’t looking forward to unplugging?

There are times when children don’t want to unplug because it’s all they know and they’re not used to having limits to how much time they can spend on these devices. However, if you’re struggling to get your children excited about unplugging, consider leading by example. As parents, we tend to forget that we’re also heavily reliant on the electronics we use each day. So, if you catch yourself grabbing your phone first thing in the morning to scroll through social media, try not to do that. Take breaks from your devices and enjoy life with the kids while using these printables to your advantage.

Raising unplugged kids is beneficial for countless reasons. Children often become too heavily reliant on their electronic devices to the point that they fail to try new things or do anything other than using their devices. If you use this printable and encourage your kids to unplug, you’ll see the difference it can make. Not only will your little ones gain more confidence in themselves and their abilities, but they’ll also be less phased by others around them and more in tune with themselves. Show your children there is so much more to life than what electronic devices offer, even if they are fun to use from time to time.

The Benefits of Raising Unplugged Kids with printable coupons to earn screen time