I’m an 80s baby. If you’re an 80s baby, you know what it was like living in that generation! The style was unique, the music was exceptional, and technology was starting to take off, but not to the point of smartphones, laptops, or tablets. The 80s Summer Activities & 80s Summer Playlist is a great way for parents born during this time to loosen up, have fun & bond with their kids.

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It feels good to be able to introduce my 10-year-old to fun outdoor activities I did in the late 80s at her age like hopscotch, slip n slide is enjoyable. Slip n slides remind me of our summers spent in South Carolina. We had so much fun! I also made mixtapes back in the day with a cassette and recorded what came on the radio. I can’t imagine my 10-year-old doing this today. She’d definitely look at me as if I had 10 heads.

If you were born during this time and want your children to learn more about the 80s, use the printable to get some good ideas. You’ll get your children off the electronics for hours while showing them all the fun you had when you were their age.

Did you grow up in the 80s? Here is how to give your kids an 80s summer they will love. Remember the playlist!

Do Activities That Were Popular in the 80s

It’s common to see children spending more time on electronics than anything else. While there’s nothing wrong with using electronics, mainly for fun and educational purposes, it’s always a good idea to get a break from those devices. You can show your children what you did to stay occupied and entertained during your childhood. Can you imagine all the children who don’t know what it’s like to hopscotch or play around on a slip and slide? So why not let your children experience that fun? It’s a great way to spend time together as a family while making memories and enjoying the nostalgia the entire time.

The 80s Summer Activities printable includes a list of fun 80s-themed activities that you can do in the backyard, front lawn, or even at a local park. In addition, you’ll notice some fresh and fun ideas that will have your children laughing and smiling from ear to ear, such as:

  • Playing Hide and Seek. Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid, and one friend counted to 10 or 20 while the others tried to find decent hiding spots? Relive that moment with your children. Choose one person to be the seeker while everyone else hides in different places. You can play this game inside the home or outside the home, depending on your preference. Don’t forget to give your children some good hiding spot ideas. After all, you’re the hide and seek pro!
  • Having a Lemonade Stand. Did you ever get the chance to set up a lemonade stand on your front lawn, selling fresh lemonade to your neighbors? Times were so much simpler back then! Let your children experience the lemonade stand. Get them to help you make fresh-squeezed lemonade, add ice to it, put it in a container, and have some plastic cups ready. Let your neighbors buy a cup or two! You can expect to see some adults stopping by the stand because they’ll feel just as nostalgic as you will when they see children selling lemonade like old times.
  • Watching an 80s Movie. Select one of your favorite 80s movies to play for family movie night. Not sure what to pick? Molly Ringwald was the face of the 80s. It’s safe to say any movie with her in it is a good one, such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. Of course, if you’re not a fan of these movies or don’t find them appropriate for your children, you can choose other 80s classics!

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Did you grow up in the 80s? Here is how to give your kids an 80s summer they will love. Remember the playlist!

Get the 80s Music Going and Have a Great Time

While using the 80s Summer Playlist printable to come up with different ideas for 80s-style activities to do with the kids, you can also refer to it for song suggestions. Do you want your children to listen to and enjoy 80s music just as much as you do? Start by playing some of the best songs that are still popular today, such as Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, and What’s Love Got to Do With It by Tina Turner. Dance with Somebody by Whitney is a classic. It gets you moving.

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These are just a few of the top 80s songs featured on the 80s Summer Playlist printable that will get you up and moving! You can dance around with the kid while playing these songs in the background. If you genuinely want to enjoy that 80s vibe, get a boombox that you can use to listen to these classic hits.

Celebrate the 80s with Your Kids

If you were raised in the 80s, you know how great a time it was. You should share those memories with your children. Not only can you tell them about the things you did while growing up, but you can make sure they try some of the same activities with you. Use the ‘80s printable to get inspiration for activities you can do with the kids, such as stargazing, drinking from the hose, or even watching an 80s flick at home. They may end up loving the era just as much as you!

Did you grow up in the 80s? Here is how to give your kids an 80s summer they will love. Remember the playlist!