It has been a while since I’ve written on Beauty and the Bump NYC, but it’s been for a good reason. I mean, I haven’t been entirely ghosting from the social media scene; I’ve mainly been on Instagram.  But, I am happy to say that I am back! What better day to return than on my 35th Birthday, right? And like I said, I have some really great news to share with you.

Beauty and the Bump NYC - Pregnancy Announcement

The Significance of my 35th Birthday

From the time I could dream about being a mother and the type of mom I would be, I knew that my cut off age for fulfilling that dream was 35 years of age. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t want to have children after 35 years old, right? Here’s why:

  • My pregnancy at 35 or older would be considered a geriatric pregnancy
  • Pregnancy at 35 and older places me at increased risk for complications during pregnancy
  • I would have to endure more appointments and more tests, some invasive (amniocentesis)
  • I knew how my body felt after giving birth at 26 years old and couldn’t imagine what it would feel like older. I don’t care how much people say 30 is the new 20, my body says different.
  • I wouldn’t have an empty nest until my mid-50s!

That said, my goal, since having my daughter, who is now 8-years old, was to give her a sibling before I hit 35 so that I wouldn’t have to go through all of the above. But, if you’ve been a longtime reader of Beauty and the Bump NYC, you’ll know how much of a struggle it has been. All I have to say is: Secondary infertility is real! I wasn’t able to accomplish my goal of having a baby before I turned 35 years old. But all isn’t lost.

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My 35th Birthday Announcement

At the beginning of this year, my husband and I took a chance and gave Invitro Fertilization (IVF) a shot – both literally and figuratively. We were going to have an IVF baby. I had my retrieval in February, and my frozen embryo transfer (FET) in May. With all of the obstacles that occurred during the transfer, I did not think that I would end up pregnant, and would have to endure yet another disappointment. However, miracles do happen!

Chloes World of Play I have a secret Pregnancy Announcement

On my 35th birthday, even though I didn’t meet my goal, I am happy to announce that my daughter will be a big sister! She is ecstatic!

Chloe's World of Play I'm going to be a big sister gender reveal pregnancy announcement

Chloes World of Play I prayed God Answered Pregnancy Announcement Gender Reveal
I got the Rustic Felt Letter Board from Amazon – (affiliate link)

On Another Note

Can you believe that even though I got pregnant at 34 years old, this pregnancy is still considered a “geriatric pregnancy” since I’m giving birth at 35? So much for avoiding the above bullet list of items.

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Beauty and the Bump NYC 8 weeks pregnant Bahamas
Here I am 8 Weeks Pregnant in the Bahamas

Beauty and the Bump NYC is Back!

I am so happy, that after five years of trying, I am able to post a pregnancy announcement of my own. This means I can write about pregnancy-related topics, attend baby events, and review baby products without feeling weird. I guess you can say, Beauty and the Bump NYC is back – in its true form.

Happy 35th Birthday to Me!

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