Both my husband and I are believers that music is important. It plays an integral role in the development of children’s mental growth. In fact, there are numerous studies that prove that music is responsible for improving decision-making, ability to focus attention and inhibit impulses, and math skills.  When posed with the opportunity to partner with PianoPiano the premiere piano rental company in New York City, we took it!

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Delivery & Setup of Our Piano Rental

I must admit that I was on the fence about getting a piano. I had no idea where this piano was going to fit in our home. The piano delivery came just a few months before the holiday season which meant where I was thinking the piano would go would interfere with our designated Christmas tree space. After some convincing from my husband who is a genius when it comes to dimension, etc. I [we] decided that we were getting a piano rental.

PianoPiano takes the stress off of you regarding getting a piano into your home, apartment or event space. Pictures and dimensions of the space where the piano is supposed to go are requested. From there, the team figures it out for you. Delivery is scheduled based on your availability. On the day of delivery, their experienced team provides white glove service delivering and setting up the piano exactly where you want it. One week later, a local piano tuner from Itingen & Sons Piano Services came to tune the upright Avery Bond 43″ piano perfectly to the acoustics of our house.

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PianoPiano Rental Services

PianoPiano NY offers the following rental services:

  • Monthly piano rentals – You may rent from a  selection of over 40 pianos with prices ranging from as low as $37/month to $290/month. You decide whether you want to rent for 6 or 12 months, and can conveniently secure your rental on the PianoPiano NY website.
  • Rent-to-own piano rentals – This option allows you to use the first 12 months of your piano rental towards the purchase of a piano of equal or lesser value.
  • Event piano rentals – Have a special event that requires a piano? PianoPiano offers delivery 24/7 all-year round.

PianoPiano NY Avery Bond Upright

Piano Lessons

I was just about my daughter’s age when I first began taking music lessons. The only difference is I was learning another string instrument – the violin. It will be exciting to see her progress with learning to play the piano over the next six months. She has the Avery Bond 43″ piano.

You are probably wondering how she is going to learn? Her uncle plays the piano and has offered to teach her, but in addition to that, there is a free app (FlowKey) available on iPhone or tablet that will virtually teach her to play. Since I do have some knowledge of the keyboard, music notes and strings, I can offer a little bit of help. If that doesn’t work, I can always contact PianoPiano to assist with finding a teacher in our area.

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About PianoPiano NY

Since 1975 PianoPiano NY has rented high-quality and highly affordable pianos worldwide. Currently, on their third generation, they are recognized as the number one piano rental source in New York City. Their prices are lower than anyone else, they support their pianos, and listen to their customers.

Their pianos have been played everywhere, from Carnegie Hall to The Top of the Rock and numerous Broadway shows. They have supported and even founded music festivals and radio performances, from WQXR to The Beethoven Festival on Long Island.

PianoPiano NY recognizes how remarkable of an instrument is the piano and is a privilege to do their part by making it as easy as possible to rent quality pianos to all who are as passionate about playing the piano as they are.

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This is a sponsored conversation. PianoPiano NY provided a 6-month piano rental for review purposes only.