In just two days, on July 27, 2018, one of the funniest action animation films will hit theaters: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were able to see an advance screening of the movie. I am happy that I can now finally spill the beans on just how good it is. Yes, I am a 30-something-year-old mom, and I loved this animated film that is geared towards ages 6+.

Have you ever been to an event but were told you could not enter because you were not on the list? Well, this is what happened to Robin the Boy Wonder AKA Batman’s sidekick when he tries to enter a movie screening for Batman’s new movie, but he is told he is just a sidekick. Sidekicks do not have movies, and the only way to get a movie is to have an archnemesis. This act is what kicks off Robin’s quest to find his own archnemesis who he will find in a Deadpool-like character named Slade (Will Arnett) so that he can have his own movie and be recognized as a true superhero. But at what cost?

Robin does his best to impress Jade Wilson (Kristen Bell) who is a bigtime Hollywood superhero movie director or so he thinks. At one point during the movie she tells him “You’ll find that fame is worth so much more than friendship because you’re going to be a big Hollywood star!” But is fame really worth more than friends? Robin will out that lesson the hard way.

Even though Teen Titans Go! is a DC comics movie, you will see cameos from the infamous Stan Lee who is famous for his Marvel comics creations. Just like the other scenes in the movie, his are funny too. Speaking of funny scenes, there are many, but one of mine and my daughter’s favorites is when the Teen Titans Go! team goes up against Balloon man (Inflated Destroyer) they rip a hole in his balloon body, which makes it appear as if he’s farting. Hilarious!

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was not all fun and games; there were some serious lessons to be learned. These days everyone is obsessed with fame and/or becoming famous, they become distracted from what is really important like friendship. But, my daughter’s favorite lesson was brought on by Robin’s statement at the end of the movie: “Kids, ask your parents where babies come from.” I think the entire theater laughed.

Overall, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was great! Sitting through this hour and a half long action-packed animation film will go by quickly because it is just that good! Be sure to see it when it hits theaters on July 27th! Come back to let me know if you enjoyed it as much as my daughter and I did.

We attended a free screening of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies to facilitate a review.