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During the summer of 2017, I was introduced to Noosa Yoghurt by a chef friend of mine. I told her I had seen it in the markets with its simple packaging, but I have never thought to try it. Well, it has been a year since trying Noosa Yoghurt – remember I introduced you to Noosa Mates? – Well, Noosa still remains my favorite yogurt brand. You can say that I am hooked!

I love the creamy texture of Noosa yoghurts, and since they use honey as a sweetener, their yogurts are not as tart as other yogurts I’ve eaten in the past. This year, Noosa has launched NEW Spring/Summer 2018 flavors which I am so excited to tell you about.

"There are 2 flavors in this tub, 3 if you mix em."
“There are 2 flavors in this tub; 3 if you mix ’em.”

Noosa is now offering a new way to enjoy your favorite classic yogurt flavors. Combinations like Apple and Caramel are paired side-by-side, so you never have to choose! They thought outside the box to take you on an extraordinary, flavor-filled adventure by mixing, dipping and swirling spoonfuls of velvety goodness into each bite! What is so great about this is you get two flavors in one package. That means if you have a kid like mine who is a picky eater, they can choose to eat the flavors separately or double dip to make one flavor that I’m sure they will love.

Noosa in Shani hand Apple and Caramel

Each tub packs 7 ounces of some of the most delicious flavor pairings you could think of.

Noosa began in Noosa, Austrailia, a small town tucked away on Australia’s sunshine coast. An Aussie ex-pat who’d been living in Colorado came across a simple, clear tub filled with creamy yogurt and passion fruit puree. One irresistible spoonful later, her obsession with great yogurt began.

What are some of your favorite yoghurt pairings?

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