Some time ago, a chef friend of mine asked me if I ever tried Noosa. I told her I had seen it in the markets, the packaging was simple, and I never thought to try it. She said, “you need to try the coconut.” After that, I knew this was going to be my new go-to brand. Noosa yogurt is not like other yogurts. The texture is very creamy, and it’s sweetened with honey, so it’s not as tart as most store bought yogurts.

Noosa began in Noosa, Austrailia, a small town tucked away on Australia’s sunshine coast. An Aussie ex-pat who’d been living in Colorado came across a simple, clear tub filled with creamy yogurt and passion fruit puree. One irresistible spoonful later, her obsession with great yogurt began.

Noosa yogurt’s first Premium mix-in line, Mates has launched. Think of their creamy yogurt, paired with premium crunchy granolas, nuts, coconut, pretzels and Guittard chocolate.

Each flavor includes three ingredients per mix in that are premium and more substantial than your average PLUS they taste delicious.

For someone who is currently trying to lose that extra baby fat and reducing the number of refined sugars I consume, Noosa mates have been the perfect way for me to indulge without me feeling guilty. The flavors are reminiscent of French toast, candy bars, and ice cream.

There are FIVE delicious flavors in the line that fit into each daypart breakfast, an afternoon snack or dessert swap:

Coconut Almond Chocolate (ode to one of my favorite candy bars)

Banana Chocolate Peanut (this yogurt is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!)

Honey Cranberry Almond (not your average parfait)

Honey Pretzel Peanut (pretzel mania)

Maple Ginger (oh snap, hello ginger!)