Tamera Mowry-Housley, host of The Real and mom of two, partners with #1 Nighttime Protection Brand GoodNites to talk nighttime wetting tips at The MOMS event on July 19, 2017 in New York City.

As a parent of a 3-year-old, it took us about a year to potty train our son. Now that he goes out during the day with no accidents, it was time to tackle the infamous, nighttime bedwetting. We worried our son’s potty training was not progressing on time because staying dry at night took him a bit longer. After attending the Camp Goodnites event at Kidville sponsored by the Moms with actress and mom of 2, Tamara Mowry and nationally known child psychologist Dr. Heather Wittenberg, I now see that it’s quite ordinary.

Most kids eventually grow out of nighttime wetting, but in the meantime, GoodNites new XS size offers 40% more protection than the leading training pant – which helped us both to #RestEasyTonight.

It was a comfort to see that this is common and getting to meet and hear the journey that Tamara Mowry is going through was a relief. She let us into her personal life and one of the many quotes that stuck with me that afternoon was, “We innately, know what to do. Don’t give in to outside sources that put pressure on you. Do what’s right for you and your family.” I left the panel discussion on the woes of potty training and bedwetting feeling confident in getting through the next few years. I learned that she and her husband still co-sleep with her 5-year-old (and that’s ok!) She listens but doesn’t take unnecessary (you know when your parents or in-laws tell you what you should do with your children) advice.

Goodnites nighttime underwear is for children who have completed the potty training process but are not quite dry through the night. On the inside, unlike training pants or diapers, Goodnites underwear don’t open on the sides, which means children can slide them on and off just like any other pair of regular underwear. They are also slightly larger to provide outstanding protection while a child is lying in bed at night.

In regards to the exterior of the product, GoodNites NightTime underwear has graphics that older children will love and help them feel more comfortable as they look like standard cotton underwear.

I’ve tried the Goodnites with Cayden over the past few weeks before giving my honest opinion. We had one night where he had way too much to drink, and it soaked through. After encouraging him to urinate before bed, we haven’t had that issue. Also, with boys, you have to make sure his boy part is pointing down. If not, it will leak out of the side. Other than that, we have nothing but great things to say about Goodnites.

How do you plan to #RestEasyTonight?

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Shani, a Brooklynite, is the owner of 71ateChef, and mother of two year old Cayden and newborn daughter Aria Rose . She shares her love of the culinary arts with her clients, friends and family. Oh, and lets not forget her mini chef, Cayden, whom you will see featured in many of her posts.

  • Olivia D. Sanders

    I only have one son who is about to be six in a few days. Potty training was rough with him but thankfully he never wet the bed.

  • Brytnie

    I don’t have any children but hearing my aunt talk about my little cousin and my god brother’s mom talk, I know that it is a chore and I wish every mom the best of luck! These tips may help me in the future tho.

  • Potty training takes time and patience for the little ones to get it right. If they are not trained from an early stage they will grow up to teenage years and still wet the bed.

  • Tiffany Heard

    I love the Mowry sisters! So excited that you were able to meet her. I like that fact that she was at the event to show parents everywhere that you are not the only one. I agree with her, as a parent, you know whats best for you and your children. Its ok to listen to advice but you don’t have to use every advice you receive.

  • GoodNite through a great sleepover event for a good cause. I love super brand charged activated events and even better Tamara was there love it!

  • My baby is 5 and so I have survived all the potty training I will have to endure. We had rather positive experiences between both kids.

  • KoKoa Magazine

    I’m so glad I don’t ever have to potty train anyone again. I used Goodnites when my kids were potty training.

  • WHat a great way to educate women. I haven’t had to use these since my son is still in diapers, but when and if the time comes, I’ll be ready.

  • It has been a while since I had to deal with pull-ups but I can feel your dilemma! Good luck with training. Be patient! It eventually gets better. Bonus…you will know where all of the best bathrooms in your town are!

  • Kemkem

    It sounds like Goodnites can be useful for average wetters. Every little bit helps l guess. Nothing can be 100% fail proof but it’s a nice addition to solving the problem.