Disclosure: Emirates Airline provided a complimentary flight crew uniform for review consideration.

Sometimes traveling as a family, especially when you have younger children can be tough. They whine, they get cranky, the food is not what they expected. There’s always something! Trust us, we know, as we have been traveling with our daughter since she was 6-months old, and she has not stopped traveling with us since. Emirates Airline is the G.OA.T. when it comes to family travel; everyone, especially the children are treated like a first-class passenger. Because we care about our reader’s sanity while traveling with your children, we asked Emirates’ most experienced Cabin Crew about how the airline makes family travel fun, simple and stress-free.

Beauty and the Bump (BATB): How does Emirates make family travel with children (under 10 years old) less stressful and fun? 

Emirates Airline (EA): The young flyers get extra special attention on Emirates flights with delicious kid-friendly meals, non-stop entertainment, toys, and goodies to keep them entertained and inspired during long-haul flights. Emirates has the famed Fly with Me Animals for infants and toddlers and specially designed Fly with Me Lonely Planet activity bags for those aged between six and 12 years old. The toys are designed for infants and children up to eight years old and are meant to be both entertaining and educational. Each character represents a specific region and will help children learn more about its habitat.

In addition to the Fly with Me Animals, Emirates has partnered with Lonely Planet to create activity bags containing travel content tailored for children. The Fly with Me Lonely Planet products come in four variations – two specially designed Kid’s Retro-Style Rucksacks, and two Kid’s Cool Bags. These products will be refreshed every 12 months. Each bag features different content to encourage a sense of adventure in young travelers. These include fold-out world maps, travel journals, plastic drink bottles, cards with world facts and various educational books exclusive to Emirates.

BATB: What in-flight activities are offered for children?

EA: There are countless offerings for children on-board. They can explore worlds of their favorite heroes and villains through the ice in-flight entertainment. There are many kids channels to choose from on their own personal seatback TV, and they also get a set of headphones which are designed especially for kids. There are over 50 Disney movies as well as the latest blockbuster titles. They can also choose from a huge range of songs and albums, listen to soundtracks from their favorite movies and musicals, or tune in to radio shows and podcasts. Kids can test their skills against a friend with a range of fun games or take on other passengers in the Trivia Challenge. There are up to 100 games to choose from. An exciting feature on Emirates is that they can switch to the external cameras on the Airshow channel to see the best views from the plane. They can watch the plane take-off and land from the pilots’ view, or watch the scenery pass by below. They can also follow the journey on the moving map to see where they are in the world.

BATB: Are “nanny” services available for children allowing parents to catch a little break during long-haul flights?

EA: There are no nanny services on board, however, the flight is full of activities, movies, toys to keep your little ones occupied throughout the flight. The Cabin Crew members often entertain the little ones.

Emirates Airlines FAmily Travel


On the ground, Emirates has continued to expand its exceptional family offering including a dedicated family check-in area in Dubai and priority boarding for families across all airports to make it even easier for families traveling with children.

BATB: Kids are usually picky eaters, what kid-friendly meals are offered on Emirates flights?

EA: Kids between 2 and 12 years old can enjoy the specially designed kid’s menu served on a colorful tray. They also receive a young adventurer snack box filled with treats to enjoy along the way, or to dig into while watching a kids’ movie. If the young passenger has a specific diet, you can let Emirates know 24 hours in advance and they’ll make sure they get a meal that’s right for them. Emirates also provides a range of baby meals on board, or if you’d prefer to bring your own, the crew can help with food and bottle warming. There is also milk formula and baby bottles on board if needed.

Some sample kids’ choices include:

  • various kinds of pasta
  • chicken tenders
  • a side of vegetables
  • spreadable cheese + crackers, a sweet dessert
  • bread
  • snack box (dried fruit snacks, cookie, and toothbrush)

BATB: We usually take our daughter away for her birthday, do Emirates do anything special to help kids celebrate their birthdays on flights?

EA: Passengers can organize cakes if they book this beforehand. Families will also be able to celebrate special occasions on board where cabin crew members can capture special moments of families onboard with an instant Polaroid camera.

Emirates Airline Cabin Crew Uniform for Your Mini Traveler

Did you know that Emirates Airline offers Flight and Cabin Crew costumes for little travelers just like my mini-me? They do, and they are just adorable! They are perfect for Halloween or even when the kids are playing dress-up. Our 6-year-old could not wait to put on her Emirates Airline cabin crew uniform so she could get to work. After putting on the uniform, she had my husband and I pretending we were on a luxurious Emirates Airline flight for a few hours. Watching her pretend play, from taking our orders to checking in to see how we are doing on our “flight” let us know that she is truly paying attention when we travel. My husband is even considering taking her to the airport wearing the Emirates Airline cabin crew costume when we leave for our next family vacation.

Whether you are inspiring a young traveler or allowing a child to relive their travel experience, the Emirates Airline cabin crew costume is the perfect addition to any child’s pretend play wardrobe. The Emirates Airline cabin crew costume, which includes the iconic jacket and skirt worn by female members of the flight crew retails for $63.00 at the Emirates online store.

Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Kids Travel

Disclosure: Emirates Airline provided a complimentary flight crew uniform for review consideration.