This is a sponsored post. Complimentary swimming lessons were provided by Goldfish Swim School – Garden City in exchange for honest feedback. All opinions are my own and are honest.

Like a proud mama bear, I am so happy to report on the accomplishments my mini-me has made since taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School – Garden City.

She began taking lessons in July, and while she was previously taking lessons at another swim school, her progress with being comfortable in the swimming pool and learning swimming skills was slow.  Plus, she did not have the same attention in a 30-minute timeframe at the other school like she has currently at Goldfish Swim School – Garden City.

In August, during our family vacation to Morocco, we were able to see what our daughter has learned with just a few swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School under her belt. Trust me, she was not afraid to literally jump in pools and even asked to not wear her life vest. The latter did not happen because, you know, swim safety. And, we did not need any unfortunate accidents happening while on vacation. But, we do believe in enjoying life and having fun, so with her dad’s assistance she jumped in every single pool at each hotel we stayed, and swam and played with confidence.  We are happy that the swimming lessons she is taking allow her to demonstrate real progress, and she is rewarded for it, too!

Goldfish Swim School rewards progress with a ribbon that indicates what was mastered.  Over the last few weeks our daughter has earned a burgundy ribbon for mastering how to roll over, and a green ribbon for being able to swim independently. Being able to roll over was something she had to work on a lot since the school expects you to roll over 180 degrees onto your back instead of a full roll, and she consistently did the latter, until a few lessons ago. Now that she can roll over and swim independently, we hope the next step is her moving up to Glider 2.

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This is a sponsored post. Complimentary swimming lessons were provided by Goldfish Swim School – Garden City in exchange for honest feedback. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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