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Beauty and the Bump NYC attended our first Babypalooza NYC 2018. It is the premier place for blogs like mine to connect with top baby and family brands to demo and see the latest in the baby and parenting arena. I am happy to be able to share a few of my favorites with you, especially since many of them will make family travel a whole lot easier.

Must-haves for Travel

Baby K’Tan The Weekender Diaper Bag

Baby Ktan the Weekender #babypaloozaNYC18

Baby K’Tan is known for their baby carriers, but during Babypalooza NYC, they revealed this pretty awesome diaper bag – The Weekender Diaper Bag –  that has insulated compartments to keep baby bottles, food, and maybe a bottle of wine for mom. The bag seriously has a compartment for everything and it is spacious, which I am a fan of.  Even though I do not have a little baby yet, this bag is transitional, so momma can use it at any stage. I want one for myself!

The Weekender Diaper Bag is available in three colors: Gray, Navy, and Green, and retails for $89.00.

Learn more about The Weekend Diaper Bag and other Baby K’Tan products here: http://www.babyktan.com

Dear Mom Wine Co.

Speaking of wine, I enjoyed one of the best-canned wines while at Babypalooza NYC 2018. You’re probably thinking, “But, wine doesn’t belong in a can.” Listen, when I tell you that Dear Mom Wine Co. makes really good canned wines trust me. Each can is equal to one glass of wine, and four cans make a bottle. The cans are compact enough to fit in a bag like the Baby K’tan one mentioned above and is perfect for travel.

Learn more about Dear Mom Wine Co. here: http://www.dearmomwine.com

Beanko Baby Diaper Bag Changing System

Beanko’s 3-in1 Diaper Bag Changing system resonated with me because I remember taking a road trip from New York to South Carolina with my then 6-month old daughter and changing her on the road was not at all fun. She would move and roll. The Beanko travel changing mat is perfect for preventing that. It attaches to the seat and can be left on for convenience. When folded, the Beanko is soft enough for someone to lean on without any discomfort.

The Beanko Baby Diaper Bag Changing System retails for $99.00.

Learn more about it here: http://www.beanko.com


First of all, this is a black woman owned company. These women came up with this ingenious idea for a multi-purpose travel nursing pillow that can also function as a bassinet. It has removable interior and exterior pillows to adjust to the size of your growing little one. Because little babies can be a bit messy the Sleep-N-Feed was made to handle any mess without staining; the fabric of the Sleep-N-Feed is waterproof, stain-proof and temperature regulating.

The Sleep-N-Feed is available in three colors: Charcoal, Fuschia and Ocean, and retails for $249.00.

Learn more about it here: http://sleepnfeed.com

Bathtime Essentials

Little Green

Little Green is a new-to-me baby and children skincare brand, but I was impressed with their solution-based collection of skincare products made especially for those with Normal to Hyper Sensitive skin. The products are created without the use of known allergens and irritants, they’re hypoallergenic, paraben, sulfate and gluten-free, and they have a natural light citrusy scent that I adore. Not to worry, the fragrances are derived from essential oils and not synthetically made.

For more information visit here: http://www.littelgreencares.com



Beauty and the Bump NYC has always been a fan of Babyganics products. I’ve used their SPF, detergent, hand sanitizer and more. With summer being here and even traveling to tropical destinations, Babyganics has, in addition to their Natural Insect Repellant now has wipes! The wipes are great for keeping in your pocket, travel bag or stroller to keep those pesky biting insects away.

For more information visit here: http://www.babyganics.com

CōTZ The Healthier Sunscreen

I’ve used CōTZ sunscreen products in the past, and I like them because they are better for you in that they are mineral and plant-based, and the products do not leave a white cast on my brown skin like other sunscreens I’ve used have. They have SPF40+ broad-spectrum sunscreens for mom and baby. Their sunscreens are great for sensitive skin because they do not contain fragrance or chemicals.

For more information visit here: http://www.cotzskincare.com

Feeding & Nursing


Ellie is something that I wish was available to me when I had my daughter. It is a free virtual breastfeeding assistant available via Facebook messenger. New-to-nursing moms can find online help in an instant, 24/7 through this free resource. You are probably wondering why this is free, right? Ellie is free so that everyone, no matter their socio-economic background, can have helpful breastfeeding information and assistance to encourage more moms to breastfeed.

Learn more about Ellie here: http://www.checkwithellie.com


Breastfeeding moms are all too familiar with leaky boobs, and if you are anything like me, you are probably wishing you could save the milk that randomly leaks out into a breast pad. Breast milk is precious and every single drop counts. With Lacti-Cups, you can save the milk that would usually be wasted in traditional breast pads. It is a definitely a must-have for any breastfeeding mom.

Learn more here: http://www.lacti-cups.com


For breastfeeding moms, finding the right bottle that mimics the breast can be a difficult task. However, Nanobébé is changing the game by creating a bottle specifically for breastmilk that preserves the nutritional value of breastmilk through its bottle design that enables milk to be heated evenly. The bottle warms two times faster than regular bottles and cools quickly to preserve the immunological properties of breastmilk. The shape of the bottle also mimics that of mom’s breast.

The bottle is available in two shades: gray and teal and a 3-pack retail for $22.99.

Learn more about Nanobébé here: http://www.nanobebe.com

B.Box for Kids

B.Box for Kids makes fun and functional feeding items for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. They have everything from bottles to sippy cups to travel snack trays that even school-aged kids can use. My favorite B.Box Kids items seen at Babypalooza NYC was the Snack Pack ($14.95) that has two separate compartments, perfect for picky eaters who don’t like having their foods touch, and it comes with a spoon. And I also liked the Bowl XL + Straw ($14.95). This can be used for dry snacks, drinks and things like yogurt and pudding.

Learn more about B.Box for kids here: http://www.bbox.com.au

Healthy Mom + Healthy Baby


Boiron has amazing natural wellness products. I swear by their Cold Calm and Oscillococcinum products during cold and flu season and for when I travel. Boiron also makes wellness products for babies and kids like my favorite, Cold Calm. They also have Colic and Teething relief products.

Learn more about Boiron products here: http://www.boironusa.com


Another new-to-me brand I came across at Babypalooza NYC 2018 is Oilogic. Oilogic is an essential oil care wellness brand for babies (3+ months), kids (2+ years) and adults (12+ years). Their essential oil products are made to help with everything from colds, itchiness, relaxation and sleep, and even allergies. The products are dispensed via an easy to use roll-on.

Learn more about Oilogic here: http://www.oilogiccare.com


Nasal aspirators are the best things when babies and kids are sick and have stuffy noses. At Babypalooza NYC, I was introduced to the Nosiboo Pro, an electronic nasal aspirator. It’s gentle and safe suction removes stuffy nose-causing mucus. Head over to my Instagram stories to see it in action.

The Nosiboo Pro retails for $149.00 on Amazon.

Learn more about Nosiboo products here: http://www.nosiboo.com

Baby/Kid Footwear


Pediped Babypalooza NYC 2018

From the time my daughter could wear shoes even up until now, she’s worn Pediped footwear. I love that the brand has cute styles that are comfortable and perfect for children’s growing feet. Their shoes are pediatrician recommended. Pediped® footwear is made with premium grade, non-toxic materials. Each shoe has foam insoles and cushions that provide a comfortable fit, while padded heels absorb shock. You will see more of their fall collection in my upcoming back-to-school post.

Learn more about Pediped® footwear here: http://www.pediped.com


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