Nuna, founded in 2007, is a collection of smart baby gear with sleek, clean designs. From strollers, play yards, high chairs and car seats, Nuna has strived to meet the ease and functionality needed by new parents and growing families. I’ve never heard of Nuna, which was kind of shocking because their infant car seat is compatible with the high-end Norwegian brand stroller that I currently own for my 2-year-old son. During the event, I wished I would have known about the Nuna brand in 2014.

The Pipa infant seat is stylish, safe and provides the ultimate comfort and protection for new babies. It has an installation time of 5 seconds,  and true lock installation which means it makes set up swift, simple and above all – safe. I personally love simple designs for baby gear and this infant seat is similar in style to what I previously used for my son.


Pipa Infant seat. Front and back view.
Pipa Infant seat. Front and back view.

Beauty and the Bump was invited to the launch of two new products: Rava Convertible Car Seat and Aace Booster Seat. I feel that these car seats, because they’re easy to install and use, will make mobility with young children simpler, and of course, safe.

Rava convertible car seat
Rava convertible car seat

The rava has laid back legroom, fuss-free adjustments, and a unique simply™ secure installation that makes setup a breeze.

o   simply™ secure installation

o   belt is best

o   simply switch riding positions

o   laid back legroom

o   dual, flip-open cup holders

o   10 position recline

o   one-hand, 10 position headrest

o   no re-thread 2 position crotch strap

The rava’s rear facing capacity is 5-50lbs and forward facing is 25-65lbs. This car seat is meant to last through the years as your toddler grows.

Simply Secure Installation ravaNext, Nuna introduced the aace, its booster seat. The aace grows comfortably with your child and even converts to a no back booster. With its 3D growth system, the aace grows up to adjust with the height of your child, grows out to provide comfort shoulder width. Grow on with 3 depths giving growing legs plenty of support and space with legroom. There is also a recline feature for extra comfort.

aace booster seat
aace booster seat

AaceI was really impressed with Nuna, especially with it being a new-to-me brand. I’m glad there are more options out there that align with my style and safety preferences, and also make my life as an on-the-go mom easier.


Definitely check out Nuna’s latest car seats. I’m sure you’ll be just as impressed as I. The Pipa is priced at $299.95, Rava; $449.95 and the Aace; $299.95.


When looking for a car seat for your child, what features are important to you?


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  • I know nothing about car seats because I dont have kids yet. But I think when I do find out I would love to make sure I can install it as quickly as this Nuna!

  • Oh man if I had the money I would buy this for my baby I’m expecting in October. That looks super nice!

  • I’m past this phase in life, thankfully. We went with a car seat that can grow with my daughter. Best decision ever.

  • Hey sis! That is a Cadillac Carseat! They didn’t have those types of things when my kiddos were little.

  • Eva

    Car seats were nowhere near this fancy when I was putting my babies in em! Talk about innovation!

  • I really like the handle on the infant rare facing car seat. The handle is so sleek. The traditional handle use to make my wrist hurt. This one looks like it will be more comfortable.

  • Tia @ financiallyfitandfab

    I’ll have to pass this on to one of my good friends who just had a baby girl. I didn’t realize the price point of baby gear was so high!

  • Baby gear has come a long way since my baby days! These look so easy to use. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kalilah Wright

    Wow I love this and can not WAIT to share it with my moms in my mommy group. The Numa looks so versatile and easy to use and the prices are crazy! Thanks!

    • Share away 🙂 Nuna has really nice baby gear that makes sense. It’s a bit spendy, yes. But, when does the price interfere with the safety of your child?

  • Daria Vinning

    OMG, pure luxury! I love the design. I have a almost one-year old grand-daughter and one on the way, I will definitely look into this. Thanks for sharing!

  • That installation tho! I’m gonna have to check out those booster seats. My youngest will need one soon and my oldest is already in one. But she could use an upgrade, especially since we have a new car.

    • Stunting in your new car. I saw it. It’s nice 🙂 Our daughter is in a all-in-one booster right now. She’s tall so her regular seat wasn’t practical anymore.

  • Now that is a gorgeous car seat! It’s definitely spendy but looks like it’s luxury and you always get what you pay for.

  • Tiffani G.

    You had me at 5 second installation. The Nuna would have come in handy for trips with grandma or switching from car to car.The price point isn’t too bad, either!