The weather has finally begun to warm up, which means more
time will be spent outdoors. I don’t know about you, but as soon as the warmest
day hit, my family and I ventured outdoors to take advantage of the nice
weather.  When you have kids, outdoor fun
and activities are heaven sent, it’s God’s way of handing you a natural sleep
aid for the kids by doing fun things to wear them out.
Keep reading to see what outdoor fun activities my family
and I do once the weather warms up.
Our new house has a pretty decent sized backyard, which
means lots of green space to not only have mini me run around and play, but to
also garden.  What better place to ‘grow’
new memories, and have fun than in our garden? We can make it our own by
planting our favorite herbs, flowers and plants. Plus, it’s an activity that
will help teach responsibility as mini me will help nurture the garden, and
patience as she watches the plants grow (or not). Lord knows she needs the
My Hyacinths, Tulips, and Crocus Plants
Visit a Playground
Playgrounds are the greatest invention on earth, especially
on a nice day.  Kids can run around, go
down the slides, hang on the jungle gym, and if it’s hot, run through the
sprinklers.  The activities at your local
playground are limitless, and the best part is that after about an hour of
play, your little one will be ready to go home to eat, and then nap.
Mini me pushing her Cabbage Patch Dolls through the neighborhood
Take a walk (or ride) around the neighborhood
We are new to our neighborhood. One activity we were really
excited to do once the weather warmed up was to walk around our neighborhood.  This way, we can teach mini me about where we
live.  Since there’s lots of trees and
other greenery, along with birds, squirrels, bunny rabbits and even possums,
mini me is given a mini lesson on nature. 
The walk also serves as a nice little exercise activity for the family.
And, by the end of our walks mini me is pooped!
Mini me at the LI Aquarium
Visit an aquarium
Warm weather months, at least for me are the perfect times
to visit a zoo or even an aquarium. 
Remember when we visited the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead? Most of
the outdoor exhibits were closed due to the cold weather, but had plans to
re-open in the summer.  At least during
this time of the year the majority of the exhibits will be open, and more time
will be spent outdoors participating in the various activities, and seeing more
Beauty and the Bump Family at the Bronx Zoo
Visit a zoo
Mini me has wanted to visit the Bronx Zoo since seeing the
three Snow Monkeys at the aquarium back in March, so one of our outdoor fun
activities this summer will be a trip to the Bronx Zoo.  This should be fun because from now until
August, the Bronx Zoo is turning NYC into a city-wide social photo safari by inviting
consumers to learn about “120 Ways #NYisWild” for a chance to win a trip
to Belize along with other great prizes.
#NYisWild is the perfect way to spend a day out in the great
New York City! There is an exclusive discount for 20% off all tickets purchased
only through This site
also serves as the only destination for all news and information about this
exciting new campaign. Be sure to check it out and have fun taking part in all
of the #NYisWild activities!
Ommegang Brewery

Visit a local brewery or winery
My husband and I are both lovers of craft beers.  One thing that’s on our list this summer is road
trip to visit as many of our favorite breweries as possible. We’ve already
knocked off one, Ommegang over in Cooperstown, NY. The great part about it is
that kids are allowed to come on the tours, too.  Most of the breweries and wineries are
situated on lush land with beautiful landscaping.  There’s outdoor eating, and sometimes trails.
Just have fun!
My two loves having fun in the backyard
This is a just a brief list of outdoor fun activities we
plan on taking part in this season.  I’d
love to hear what outdoor fun activities you have planned for your family this summer.

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