Mother’s Day weekend was busy for me.  Do you remember my Mother’s Day Gift Guide post? In it, I mentioned having a brunch as one of the items.  This is one of the things that I did along with two of my older sisters; we planned a Mother’s Day brunch for our Mom and mother-in-laws, which took place
the Saturday before Mother’s Day. We collectively wanted to show our moms some
appreciation by having us cater to them while they relaxed, ate, drink and
The menu for our Mother’s Day Brunch was simple.  We decided on having one of the most popular
brunch menu items these days, chicken and waffles.  We also had turkey bacon, a mixed berry fruit
salad, and since my mother-in-law insisted on bringing something (she’s such a
sweet lady), we had delicious honey glazed salmon, and carrot cake.  As for drinks, we settled on mimosas because
brunch isn’t complete without mimosas. 
The mimosas were do-it-yourself; I had two carafes that I
picked up from Ikea: one was filled with orange juice, and the other with
The food was setup in my breakfast nook buffet style, and
our mom and mother-in-law’s sat at my simply dressed dining table to eat and
catch up with each other.  The table
décor included two wide glass cylinders with vanilla-scented candles lit,
providing a light vanilla aroma to the room. Both my husband and my mom picked
up flowers, but I chose to use the light blue and cream hydrangeas to sit between
the candles. As a runner, I used a plastic tablecloth I picked up from Dollar Tree that was too short.  Can you say, ‘Innovative’?
Our mom, mother-in-laws, and other attendees enjoyed our
little brunch. Our moms had a chance to catch up with each other. My sister-in-law, Sheilah also had a cute little activity for them to do, which was decorating a
picture frame. They loved it!  I thought
it was cute, too.  Now, how come I didn’t
think of that? Lol 
The Porter Girls Did That!
Of course, afterwards I was exhausted, but it was worth it.
I think our Mother’s Day brunch was an excellent idea for an affordable gift to
celebrate our moms and show them appreciation. Huge thanks to my sisters for coming together with me to do this! Thanks, Kinda for the iPhone pics. Now,  I have to figure out what I’m going to do for Father’s Day since my husband stole my idea, which I will elaborate on in another post.
Now that I’ve shared some of what I did for my mom and
mother-in-law on Mother’s Day, I’d love to hear how yours went.
What did your Mother’s Day weekend consist of?