Inglesina, the Italian luxury brand of baby gear like strollers, prams, highchairs and table chairs held a premier event at a posh loft located in Chelsea. The event showcased a new video series entitled The Strollers of New York featuring four New York City moms: Brianne Manz, Stroller in the City; Belle Augusta, Petite Biet; Marissa Kraxberger, Lady and Prince; and Nicole Gonzalex, Lillies and Leon. The Strollers of New York show how these four moms use their neighborhoods, along with the help of Inglesina to provoke cultural stimulation and education to the children they’re currently raising in one of the greatest cities of the world: New York.

At #TheStrollersofNewYork event I was surrounded by other New York City moms, dads, children, and of course, mommy bloggers. While the children enjoyed coloring, playing and running around with each other, and taking photos in the interactive booth, parents were able to watch an artist transform the Inglesina Classica Pram in all white by painting it with the New York City Skyline. This artist’s work was amazing!

During #TheStrollersofNewYork event,  I  had the opportunity to try out a range of Inglesina baby gear products, especially products that suited my lifestyle with a toddler like their lightweight strollers: Inglesina Swift and Inglesina Trip. Although both of those lightweight strollers are perfect for New York City parents on-the go, especially those of us using public transportation, the Inglesina Swift won my heart.

Just because I have a toddler, it doesn’t mean I didn’t check out the other Inglesina items like their highchairs and prams because I did. I mean, we are trying for baby #2 so it’s never too early to do your due diligence by researching now.  Of the items I did look at, I loved the Zuma highchair, which is perfect for parents living in a small space, and the color options are amazing – fun and stylish. The all-terrain Quad stroller is definitely on my list for the next one, too!

 Overall, I loved attending the Inglesina #TheStrollersofNewYork event. I was able to walk away with more knowledge about the brand, and how their products, which are both luxurious and affordable, help make the lifestyles of parents living in large cities, but in small spaces, more practical and less hectic.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair ($59)

Inglesina Gusto Highchair ($149)

Inglesina Classica Pram in White

The project is composed of short videos that expose you to how different moms live their lives in New York City and how Inglesina seamlessly fits into their daily activities. Each video focuses on a New York City neighborhood and shows how these moms turn each area into a stimulating and culturally exciting backdrop to raise their children. The camera follows each mom on her daily routine; from their apartments to their favorite coffee shop, grocery store, and parks. The videos highlight key features of Inglesina products, as well as how each mom integrates the product into their own lifestyle, showcasing how Inglesina adds style, ease, and comfort to the lives of these busy New York parents. The Strollers of New York project will live and continue to evolve on the site. Additional New York moms from different neighborhoods will be chosen to showcase the dynamism of the overall project including interviews of their favorite places and a “24 Hours in the Life of a NYC Mom” section to live on the site.

Discover the full project here: #TheStrollersOfNewYork

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