While we were playing the waiting game between the time our offer was accepted until close, and even afterward, I was pinning away on Pinterest different decor ideas for the various rooms in what would eventually be our new home.

While searching through Pinterest for ideas for little girl’s rooms, I came across, of course, lots of pink; light pink, dark pink, bright pink, pink and white etc.  Point taken; basically, all things girl is supposed to be PINK!  If you know me, and know me well, you know that I am against this “pink is for girls” ideology.  My favorite color, in fact, is purple.  Currently, mini me’s room where we are now is a pale lilac, with a darker toned lilac color below the chair rails.  It’s cute, and it went well with her Cocalo Jacana bedding.  Instead of transferring the same theme and colors over into what would be her new room, I asked her what colors she’d like, and to my surprise (or disdain) she said “I like pink. It’s my favorite color, mommy.” Ummm, since when? Check this out, she also wants dark green. This girl is OBSESSED with dark green.  She even picked out a paint chip while at Home Depot.  We, the parents,  decided to just paint her closet green.  We all “win”.

Luckily, I came across some cute ideas for pink that weren’t “too much”, at least in my eyes.  Below is a photo of what we decided on.  Yes, a hot pink ceiling.  Well the shade of pink is called ‘Glamour’ by Behr paints.  Initially, we were going to use Behr Paint “Ballerina Tutti Frutti”, but  we didn’t like the shade after it dried down. We paired “Glamour” with a neutral color, ‘White City”, which I’d describe as a greige (gray + beige).  It looks great! The pink isn’t too overwhelming, and adds a fun, girly, glamorous touch to the room.  Besides, it’s much more exciting than the powder blue shade the room was prior.

Credit: Apartment Therapy.com

Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Next, I’d like to add a chandelier, change the hardware on her door to a crystal pull, paint her dresser, and change the hardware on that, too. Oh, and paint her bed.  She asked for a white bed, too! This kid is demanding, man.  But, since she’s been sleeping in her own bed now for over a week, she can get it.

I found some furniture painting tips/ideas over on Pretty Handy Girl.  You can keep up with my inspiration pins for her room on the Pinterest board I created specifically for her room.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own and are honest. Products purchased with my own money.