The convertible crib she’s slept in maybe 5 times

First, Beauty and the Bump is a judgment-free zone, right? Okay,
so yes, my three year old has been sleeping with us from the time she was a few
weeks old until just two weeks ago.  Why? The helicopter mom in me just
felt more comfortable with her close by – really close by just to ease my
“what if” fears. I enjoyed our cuddle time.  Plus, it just made my life as a first-time,
exclusively breast feeding mom much easier.  Call me lazy, I don’t care. I need my rest. Yes, I could have let her cry it out, but, I
am not that mom.

Now, let us fast forward to year three of
bed sharing.  With mini me seriously being half of my size in length, and
then stretching out, and kicking covers in her sleep, oh and the infrequent bed-wetting, was getting to be too much.  Our queen-sized bed was not cutting it.  Plus, my husband resorted to sleeping on the
couch some nights because he “couldn’t sleep peacefully” with her in the bed. Later,
I started feeling the same way. At some point, one gets tired of being woken up
by a kick, slap or feet in their <insert body part>.  I was also running out of disposable pads for the
bed.  And that my friends, is where I
said, ‘Kim, enough is enough!’ Mommy needs her beauty rest.
How did I do it?
Every morning, and then in the evenings I’d prepare mini me for
her transition into her own bed by letting her know it was time.  Her room, currently, is right next door to
ours, so we can hear her in an earshot. 
I let her know the following:
1. Mommy and
Daddy are right here so nothing will happen to you
2. You have God
and Jesus watching over you
3. You’ll sleep
so much better in your own bed since you’ll have room to stretch out, and you
can leave the sheets off or on when you want
4. You can keep
your nightlight on, too. Just make sure you turn it off in the morning.
Guess what? It worked!  When
my husband came home, he asked where she was, and with the happiest heart, I
said, “She is in her bed.” No tears, no fuss; just hugs, kisses and a
story.  Oh, and a small amount of
strawberry milk did the trick.  It has
since been two weeks (and counting) since she began sleeping in her own
bed.  .:Mom Wins!:.

I had to take a pic so you know it’s real!

The following morning she was so proud of herself for sleeping in
her own bed; however, she did wake up at the crack of dawn to exclaim “Mommy,
it’s morning, can I wake up now?”
 Ahh, this girl is too smart for her own britches.  It was 5:00 am! I said, “No, please go back
to bed.”
And that she did, of course, after I gave her strawberry milk.   
I honestly believe that she had to be ready,
and not forced or shamed into changing her comfortable sleeping habits.  I also noticed that in giving her a
responsibility, such as turning off her nightlight in the morning, also
encourages her to continue sleeping in her bed.  She says to me “Mommy, I’m a big girl. I turn
off my light.”
I’m not going to pretend like this process is all rainbows and
unicorns, because that, it is not!  She
wakes up in the morning, and then climbs in my bed or on top of me.  Sometimes I let her stay, and the other
times, I put her butt right back into her bed (where she belongs).  Also, she wakes me up, and me only, to take
her to the bathroom, at least once per night. 
Husbands must wear some kind of invisible cloak, I swear!  I guess it’s better than getting peed on,
right?  I can’t win everything.

To reward her, I picked up a
little Dora the Explorer Great Smile Toothbrush Gift 3 Piece Set (Toothbrush
Holder, Toothbrush, Rinse Cup).  She
loved it! She must have brushed her teeth three times between the time I gave
it to her and going to bed.

Now that I have her sleeping in her bed, my fear is that when we
finally transition into our new home, she’s going to revert back to her old
behaviors. Hopefully, the larger room, the décor, new bed, paint etc will
entice her to stay in her own room from here on out. PRAY FOR US!
Beauty and the Bump’s tips for transitioning your child into their own bed:
1.  Communicate with your child your daily your expectations, and use positive language.  That means, no shaming!
2.  Acknowledge their fears, reassure and comfort them (her comfort is her nightlight) 
3.  Be consistent by putting them back into their own bed when they get out 
4.  Stay in the room until they fall asleep
5. Read to them right before bed
6. Reward them
Did you have trouble getting your child to sleep in his/her own bed? What did you do to nip it in the bud?

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Kim is the do-it-all mom (and wife) who not only works full-time and is a freelance makeup artist, but also blogs about her love of family, travel, beauty and skincare. Now that she has a kindergartener, Kim has added Class Parent to her resume. These are all tough jobs, but somehow, she makes them look easy.

  • Hooray for small victories and strawberry milk! My daughter did good transitioning to her own room, but I still co-sleep with my son.

  • And now that I’ve read the whole thing:
    It wasn’t until Brax came that it was a mandatory that Zoe get into her own bed in her room… for the first few weeks, J slept in there with her to get her to go to sleep. Every once in a while, she wakes up and he’ll go in there to sleep or one of us will go check on her and reassure her and put her to bed. She sleeps better when we leave the noise machine on (we downloaded an app onto an old cell phone).

  • I am that ENTIRE FIRST PARAGRAPH… and now Brax is in our bed. lol
    Congratulations girl!

  • I want that toothbrush set! haha

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I remember those days! And the triumphant feeling!

  • Good luck with the move! My two transitioned well to the big kid bed. They love being all “grown up” lol

  • Anastasia

    What a great achievement for both of you, congratulations!

  • so sweet : )

  • Good job, mom!

  • Justina

    I have the hardest time getting my girl to go down but wouldn’t you know when she’s at my mom’s she doesn’t put up a fight!

    • I have no clue why they do that! It’s funny, but not funny. I guess these kids know who they can get over on.

  • Alia

    I did the cosleeping thing for the first 7 weeks because she was so small and the bassinet scared her. She would only stay in my arms until she got into her pack and play. She will only sleep in that. Thank you so much for all of your mommy chronicles. My favorite so far (besides this) are the must haves and that little attachable sleeper you put on the list. Thank you also for your blogging. I’ve learned a lot and it’s nice to see someone else share what they learn as their child grows.

    • How did the bassinet scare her? Hopefully, your daughter will grow out of it. She’s still young and small… I think you have time. Mine was an arm baby, too. She’d either prefer being held or in the Ergo carrier. Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 I REALLY appreciate it.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Congrats! I’m happy your strategy worked. That’s the beginning of independence; not that I have a kiddo to boot. But since you brought the judgement-free zone (which I support), our doggy sleeps w/ us in the bedroom. She has a lil bed beside our bed so I share your sentiments, I feel more comfortable being near to her whenever possible. I guess you can call that a mother instinct in a different way 🙂

    • I am so not judging. I, too, had a dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier. We got him when he was only a few weeks old, and he slept with us. He was like our baby (mine, my mom, and sister). I completely understand lol He’d throw a tantrum if we locked him out of our rooms.

  • Betzy Carmona

    Those are great tips !

  • Great tips. Sleeping in her own bed will hopefully be a habit by the time you move.

  • Ange

    That’s awesome!!

  • Awww shes so cute!

    • Thank you, especially when she’s sleeping.

  • You have such great parenting tips!

  • My son has always slept in his bed. Sometimes he ends up in our bed, but most nights he stays in his 🙂

  • Girl no. Totally not judging you! LOL! I can see how this happens. Luckily my daughter slept better on her own so we have never co-slept except for occasional naps. This works for everyone since personally, I like to sleep alone. Says the married woman. Hehe.

    • Yes, lucky you are. I envy parents with kids like that. I can’t sleep on my own… lol call me an enabler. I brought it upon myself.

  • My son has always slept in his own bed – we were very lucky!

    • Yes, you were! I envy you. My sister has a 3 month old. He’s been sleeping in his crib since they brought him home.

  • Ah, they’re so cute when they’re sleeping.

  • Mai

    Awww her blanket is super cute!

  • I co-slept with all three of my kids. 🙂

    • Really? Until when?

      • My oldest was over 2, my middle child about a year and a half, and my youngest about a year and a half too.

        • That isn’t too bad. My nephew is 10 and still sleeps with my sister -__- she’s going to kill me.

  • I loved sleeping in my mom’s bed as a kid but only after scary movies 😛

    • Same here.. the thing is, my mom swears I never slept in her bed. I think she’s in denial.

  • YAY FOR SLEEPING IN HER OWN BED! My daughter is fine and has no problems with it but my son was hard to get under wraps!

    • How long/how old was he when he finally cooperated? What did you do to help him?

  • BeautyJudy

    Aw, I love that blanket!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    What a beautiful bed! And congrats on your win. It can be a struggle getting little ones to feel comfortable sleeping alone

    • It was a 3yr long struggle. Thank you.

  • Jai @ Mami’s Time Out

    Girl! My now 7 year old was in our bed until he was about 3 and my baby has been sleeping with us since he was 6 months old. He will be two in October. We got my oldest out of the bed by enticing him with dollar store toys. Every day he slept through the night in his bed meant he could pick a toy from the bag. Right now my 20 month old has no fear and the big one sleeps through a tornado so I’m afraid of leaving them alone together in the bedroom. They will be sharing a room soon enough though. Congrats on getting your bed back! I can’t wait to sleep without him pulling my hair!

    • Rewarding him was a good idea. I’m glad I didn’t have to do it each time. Maybe once she hits sleeping in her bed for 1 month I will get her something bigger. How long will your 20 month old sleep with you until? I think for our next one, whenever that is, they’re going straight to the crib! It feels so good to have a bed to ourselves. Thank you!

      • Jai @ Mami’s Time Out

        He was sleeping in his crib but that boy was like 8 months old and still getting up in the middle of the night to eat. I was so tired. He would go right back to sleep but we started just giving him the bottle and putting him in our bed and he would snuggle up and fall asleep. I’m hoping soon enough he will sleep in his own bed. My fear of him climbing out of the toddler bed and climbing the baby gate is what keeps him in my bed.

        • Ahh I’d be scared, too. Maybe you can teach him to not climb it because he can hurt himself? And hopefully, over time he’ll learn to not do it. I wish you luck.