I’ve had a baby, gained and lost weight, and guess what that
means? I need a new wardrobe, and not just clothes, underwear, too.   It’s
important to make sure that I look good, especially when I’m going out, whether
it’s to work or on a date with my husband. 
And to ensure that I do look my best, things must fit, and fit
correctly.  There’s nothing worst looking
than a poorly fit item of clothing. The same thing goes for your undergarments.
Earlier this year, I updated my undergarment wardrobe at one
of my favorite lingerie shops, Intimacy Bra Fit Stylists.  Between then and now, I’ve lost nearly 10
lbs. Yes, 10 lbs! Amazing, right? At least I think so.  Anyway, the only thing this weight loss means
is, I needed new underwear; new bras, panties, maybe some matching sets, or
something sexy to end my date nights on the right foot .:wink, wink:..  Regardless, I needed something, and my
husband noticed, too.  I quickly setup an
appointment for my sister and myself using the online appointment scheduling
tool; sisters bonding over boobs and bras. .:LOL:.
Prior to my fitting, the Bra Fit Stylist, Shani, asked me
the purpose of my visit. I told her I wanted:  1. Something to wear every day, and 2. Something
to wear for my husband.  Mind you, I only
wanted to buy one maybe two bras, but I wound up getting three bras, two of
which are sets.
Since I have very little color in my undergarments wardrobe,
I picked up the Chanelle C Magnifique Plunge Push-up Bra, which is this cute, but still sexy number that’s hot pink with a coral
lining. It’s perfect for summer, and for my upcoming vacation. Intimacy was out of the panties for this particular bra, but did recommend a a fun lace pair from Hanky Panky.  For the days/nights I want to get sexy, I  picked up
a nude lace set with black stitching. Both the bra and panties have a cute little
bow on them.  My third purchase was a
light pink and grey set, the Fantasie ‘Lois’ set with lace detailing, reminiscent of a French maid’s
outfit. It was one of my favorites, too. 
This is the one I got to bring home.  My husband loved it, too.
Two of the bras I purchased weren’t available in my cup
size, so I had to get a larger band, and then have it altered, for free, of
course.  I love that about Intimacy Bra
Fit Stylists.  Two sets, I placed on
my wish list for purchasing at a later date.  I just couldn’t fathom spending double my
budget all at once. Plus, maybe someone will surprise me later with one of the
items off of my wish list.
Although I spent a lot of money on my underwear, there’s
something about a well-fit bra that slims your waist, while simultaneously
making your clothes look 10x’s better. 
So, if you ask me, it was well worth it. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, which is what I did. I deserve it, too.

Disclosure: Affiliate links. All opinions are my own and are honest. Items purchased with my own money.