Here are skincare ingredients to avoid when pregnant or breastfeeding to maintain glowing skin without risking the health of your baby.

Skincare Products to Avoid during Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Trying to Conceive

When breastfeeding or pregnant, it’s essential to be mindful of ingredients in the products you’d typically use. Most women have specific skincare products they use to keep their skin healthy and hydrated, including a facial cleanser, toner, topical ointment, and moisturizer. However, not all products contain the best ingredients, and some of those ingredients aren’t […] Read more…

Trying to Conceive After Experiencing a Miscarriage

I personally know that experiencing a miscarriage is devastating. It is not something everyone will understand unless they have gone through it. You’ll feel a range of emotions as you grieve. You can feel isolated, angry, sad, and it can be all-consuming. It is all normal. Some may want to try conceiving right away, while […] Read more…

Making Baby #2: My Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle Protocol

Due to developing a mild case of OHSS, my doctor switched me from doing a fresh embryo transfer to a frozen embryo transfer (FET).  After my egg retrieval, my eggs were fertilized and then frozen once the embryos grew to either day five or day six blastocysts. I ended up with 11 total frozen embryos. […] Read more…

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