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Step into a world of wonder and imagination as I take you on a journey through the enchanting world of toys for toddlers. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Sweet Suite ’23. It’s a magical event brimming with the latest and greatest toys for kids. It was a joyous occasion, marking the first time we gathered in person since the pandemic. Accompanied by my pre-teen and bubbly three-year-old daughter, we explored a mesmerizing array of playthings that left an indelible smile on her face.

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Top toys for toddlers unveiled at #SweetSuite23! From sensory play to educational wonders, spark imagination and joy with these picks!
Entering the biggest night of play! Sweet Suite 2023. Photo: @thetoyinsider and @williamthomasphoto

I am excited to share with you the top toys for toddlers, handpicked based on the ones my three-year-old couldn’t put down during Sweet Suite ’23! Prepare to discover sensory delights like Play-Doh’s Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Truck and educational wonders from LeapFrog, as well as an assortment of other captivating toddler toys that will ignite your child’s imagination and provide hours of joy-filled play.

Let’s dive into this magical world of the best toys for toddlers, where every moment is filled with wonder and discovery.

Toddler playing with the PlayDoh Ice Cream Truck_Sweet Suite 2023
My 3-year-old enjoyed making pretend ice cream treats. Photo: Kim S.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Truck by Hasbro:

Indulge in a world of limitless creativity with the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Truck by Hasbro. During our time at Sweet Suite ’23, my three-year-old daughter couldn’t resist the allure of this fantastic playset. It has 27 tools and a soft-serve station. This allows kids to unleash their imaginations by crafting a delightful array of pretend treats. From customizing creations with the Play-Doh sprinkle maker to serving customers at the register, the fun never ends. With vibrant colors and fun music adding to the excitement, this toy kitchen becomes the ultimate ice cream truck party. Parents will appreciate the ample storage and easy cleanup, making it a win-win for everyone. Ideal for 3-year-old children, this Play-Doh Kitchen playset proves to be one of the best preschool toys for endless, joy-filled play. MSRP: $94.99. Available at Walmart and Amazon.

Toddler playing with the Peppa Pig Cruise ship at #SweetSuite23
As a Peppa Pig fan, she couldn’t resist playing with this. Photo: Kim S.

Peppa Pig Cruise Ship by Hasbro:

Step aboard the Peppa Pig Cruise Ship, where imaginative adventures await! My daughter, a devoted Peppa Pig fan, couldn’t get enough of this enchanting toy during Sweet Suite ’23. With three feature-filled levels and 13 accessory pieces, kids can immerse themselves in Peppa’s world of fun. From a jungle-themed dining room to a thrilling theater for captivating shows, every detail is designed to spark their imagination. The kid-powered elevator takes them to the cozy sleeping quarters with fold-out bunk beds. The roof deck hosts a playful pool for even more enjoyment. When playtime concludes, the ship easily folds up, allowing for effortless storage. This delightful toy set not only captivated my little one but also proved to be one of the best gifts for 3-year-olds, promising endless adventures inspired by their favorite Peppa Pig characters. MSRP: $49.99. Available at Walmart and Amazon.

Sesame Street Elmo Slide Plush by JustPlay Toys:
Sesame Street Elmo Slide Plush by JustPlay Toys Photo: @thetoyinsider and @williamthomasphoto


Sesame Street Elmo Slide Plush by JustPlay Toys:

Join Elmo in a dance-filled extravaganza with the Sesame Street Elmo Slide interactive plush toy by JustPlay Toys. My daughter couldn’t resist the charm of this loveable character during Sweet Suite. With a simple squeeze of Elmo’s left hand, the music and motion begin, as he sings, sways, and playfully flaps his arms, captivating everyone around. But the magic doesn’t end there! Squeeze his right hand, and Elmo becomes the ultimate play companion, leading kids in a whimsical game of “Elmo Says.” Crafted with super-soft fabrics and featuring hidden wheels for gliding excitement, this 14-inch Elmo plushie guarantees endless laughter and fun for both kids and grownups. Perfect for ages 2 and up, this enchanting toy is a must-have addition to any playtime collection. MSRP: $49.99


Magnatab Minis by PlayMonster:

Indulge in the soothing magic of Magnatab Minis sensory fidget toys. The “click” of beads will captivate your child’s senses. These sleek and trendy shapes, available in adorable Cactus, Avocado, and Lightning Bolt options, are designed for on-the-go fidget fun. It makes them a perfect companion for road trips to keep kids happily occupied. My own toddler enjoys playing with this mesmerizing toy. It proved to be a true lifesaver during the hour-long ride back from Sweet Suite ’23, keeping her happily engaged and quiet. Using Magnatab Minis is a breeze; just pull the beads to the surface to enjoy the satisfying click and then push them back down to draw again. With these enchanting toys in hand, your child can unleash their creativity, creating mini masterpieces no matter where they go. Let the soothing allure of Magnatab Minis bring a touch of magic to your child’s playtime adventures. Suitable for ages 3+, MSRP: $8.99. Available on Amazon.

iMC Toys Cry Babies Newbord doll

Cry Babies Newborn:

My little 3-year-old is an avid fan of the Cry Babies series on Netflix. We’ve made sure to download it on every device she can access, making it a lifesaver during our frequent road trips, preventing any potential meltdowns. Her love for the show translated into owning a few Cry Babies dolls, with the Cry Babies Good Night Starry Sky doll reigning as her absolute favorite. However, during Sweet Suite ’23, she was introduced to the latest addition: the Cry Babies Newborn baby doll. It was heartwarming to witness children at the event embrace the role of loving parents, tenderly caring for these adorable dolls. With six surprises and accessories, including an interactive bracelet, kids can comfort their baby doll when she cries, evoking soothing laughs and blushes. As bedtime approaches, they can gently lay her down, watching her close her eyes in a peaceful slumber. Set to be released in the fall of 2023, this endearing doll is sure to bring joy and nurturing play to children everywhere. Suitable for ages 18M+, MSRP: $34.99.

Disney Princess Style Collection Fresh Prep Gourmet Kitchen
Photo: Just Play

Disney Princess Style Collection Fresh Prep Gourmet Kitchen:

Unleash your child’s inner chef with the Disney Princess Style Collection Fresh Prep Gourmet Kitchen. This immersive kitchen playset takes cooking to a whole new level. It features interactive appliances, including a realistic stovetop with a “steam” feature. Complete with Majestic Meals “Pasta Night” Kit, color-changing noodles, an “organic” herb garden, ice dispenser, and more, this kitchen is ready for endless culinary adventures. The lights, sounds, and interactive elements provide a truly enchanting play experience for kids aged 3 and up. So, get ready to prepare a gourmet meal fit for royalty! (Ages 3+, MSRP: $199.99, Available on September 17)

Little Mermaid Toys_Sweet Suite 2023
Photo: Kim S.

Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron:

Inspired by the wicked sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron promises hours of bewitching play. It features two play modes for both water and non-water play. This motion-activated cauldron lights up, plays music, and bubbles like magic. Kids can even capture Ariel’s voice with the included seashell necklace, just like in the movie! With a color-changing Ariel figure, potion bottles, bath fizzies, and more accessories, kids will be immersed in the mystical world of Ursula’s lair. This set will be available at retail from July 30 at a price of $49.99. (Ages 3+)

Magic Wispies_Sweet Suite 2023
Photo: Kim S.

My Fuzzy Friends: Magic Whispers Kitty:

Prepare to be enchanted by the magical whispers of My Fuzzy Friends: Magic Whispers Kitty. With a glowing crystal heart, this interactive plush toy offers an extraordinary experience for children aged 4 and up. Press Kitty’s heart against your forehead, and you’ll magically hear her secret inner voice, a delightful experience that only you can enjoy. With three engaging play modes, including Secret Cat Chat, Fortune Teller, and Witty Kitty, this furry friend offers endless fun and entertainment. Available on August 2023 at Target and Amazon. MSRP: $24.99.

LeapFrog Booth Sweet Suite 2023
My toddler enjoyed playing with all the LeapFrog toys. Photo: Kim S.

LeapFrog Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards:

We’ve been preparing our daughter for preschool. LeapFrog is a trusted name when it comes to educational toys. They never fail to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Among their remarkable offerings is the LeapFrog Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards™, an interactive reading journey that captivates children aged 3 and up. These double-sided cards make alphabet exploration a delightful experience, with vibrant pictures and engaging word associations. With a simple touch, kids can explore letter sounds and follow along as sentences are read aloud by sliding their fingers across the cards. The tablet prompts a hunt for pictures or words. While five different melodies add a musical touch to the learning process. These ABC flashcards are more than just educational tools; they promise an exciting and enriching experience for young minds. With LeapFrog by her side, our daughter will be on her way to embracing the joy of learning and discovery. MSRP: $17.99.

LeapFrog Build-a-Waffle Learning Set:

Even though my daughter is three years old, she couldn’t get enough of the Build-a-Waffle Learning Set. Ideal for ages 18+ months, the Build-a-Waffle Learning Set introduces little chefs to numbers and colors. With colorful strawberry, chocolate, and plain waffle pieces, kids can practice counting while stacking the delectable treats. Engaging in pretend play, they can create a tower of toppings, including white whipped cream, green kiwi, yellow butter, and red strawberries, and blueberries. The set even includes a syrup dispenser for that finishing touch of sweetness. Whether following the included directions to create a mouth-watering breakfast or concocting their own culinary masterpieces, this waffle playset encourages creativity and imaginative play. Complete with a plate, fork, and knife, young ones will feel like true chefs as they serve up their scrumptious creations. Available later this summer, the Build-a-Waffle Learning Set will be a delectable addition to any child’s playtime adventures. MSRP: $19.99.

LeapFrog Pizza Cart

Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart:

Set up shop and ignite your child’s entrepreneurial spirit with the Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart™. This delightful food cart provides endless fun for kids aged 3 and up, as they take on the role of a pizza vendor. Equipped with six toppings, a pizza cutter, a plate, a cheese shaker, and more, this cart is ready for business. With a bell that rings to take customer orders, kids can explore colors, shapes, and food names while preparing personalized slices of pizza. Using the magic spatula, they can check if they got the order right. They can mix and match toppings to create unique combinations. The pizza turntable adds a musical element to the dining experience with learning songs and melodies. Packed with fun and educational features, the Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart™ promises hours of interactive play for aspiring young pizza makers. (Ages 3+ Years, MSRP: $59.99)

B. Toys Splash-n-Scrub Sink_Sweet Suite 2023
Photo: Kim S.

B. Toys Splash-n-Scrub Sink:

While scrolling through Instagram Reels, we stumbled upon the delightful B. Toys Splash-n-Scrub Sink. Since then, my three-year-old has been utterly obsessed! She couldn’t contain her excitement, exclaiming, “I have a kitchen, but the sink doesn’t work like yours.” At Sweet Suite this year, she was thrilled to see it in real life! This sink set comes with vibrant accessories, perfect for immersive role-play and learning. With a working faucet, toy dish soap, and scrub brush, kids can wash cups, plates, and utensils, watching them change color as warm water is poured on them. After the fun splash and scrubbing, children can proudly place their clean dishes on the dish rack and store the dish soap ‘n’ scrub brush in the sink caddy. Not only does this kitchen sink set provide endless fun, but it also sparks creativity and teaches kids valuable life skills. It’s recommended for children 3+. Find it at Target for an MSRP of $24.99.

All new PLAYMOBIL1.2.3. Disney-themed toys. Photo: Kim S.

Playmobil Rainbow Castle in the Clouds:

Part of the new Rainbow Castle theme, the PLAYMOBIL Rainbow Castle in the Clouds allows children aged 4 to 10 to step into a world of magical adventures. This magnificent playset features a rope ladder to climb up and join the princesses in the castle. From the rainbow merry-go-round to a swing perfect for enjoying tasty treats while Pegasus roams nearby, every corner of this castle holds enchantment. Complete with two figures, a Pegasus horse, a cloud platform for the castle, and various accessories, young ones can immerse themselves in imaginative play, creating their own royal stories and fairy tales. Available in October, the PLAYMOBIL Rainbow Castle in the Clouds promises to be a cherished addition to any child’s playtime kingdom. (Ages 4-10, MSRP: $99.99)


PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 DISNEY: Winnie & Piglet’s Tree House:

For little ones aged 18 months to 4 years, the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 DISNEY: Winnie & Piglet’s Tree House offers a world of discovery and fun. With a variety of items to sort into the treetop by shape and color, this playset promotes fine motor skills and three-dimensional thinking. A hidden slide allows objects to reappear at the bottom of the tree, providing endless amusement for curious toddlers. Children can also explore and turn the small group of leaves, making delightful noises, or convert the second group of leaves into a spinning top. Inspired by beloved Disney characters, Winnie and Piglet, this playset encourages early role play and storytelling. Filled with joy and wonder, this tree house set is set to be available in August, captivating little adventurers and fans of Winnie the Pooh alike. (Ages 18 mos. – 4 yrs., MSRP: $49.99)

LittleListas Sweet Suite 2023
Aren’t these dolls adorable? Photo: Kim S.

LittleListas Baby Dolls:

Introducing the enchanting world of Purpose Toys’ 2023 LittleListas Baby Dolls! During Sweet Suite, my heart swelled with joy as my toddler spotted a doll resembling her. The collection features Lilly and Lena.  Lilly has 3C textured hair and a gorgeous deep brown complexion. She is dressed in an elegant pink gown adorned with a metallic gold crown print. While  Lena has 4A textured hair and a medium brown skin tone. she is dressed in a ruffled white top and denim overalls. What makes LittleListas truly special is their ‘Wear-and-Share’ Gold Crowns. These allow kids to celebrate their natural crowns and culture daily. These baby dolls will be available on Amazon, Target, and CVS in August, promising endless joy as they embrace their unique coily and curly natural crowns. Suitable for ages 3+, MSRP: $24.99.

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Top Toys for Toddlers at Sweet Suite 2023 #SweetSuite23

Ignite Joyful Play and Unleash Endless Adventures!

From interactive playsets that ignite creativity to enchanting plush toys that charm with their magic whispers, these top toys for toddlers offer an extraordinary range of experiences. Each will captivate young minds and provide hours of joy-filled play. Whether it’s exploring the culinary arts, embarking on imaginative adventures, or embracing the magic of beloved characters, these toys have proven themselves to be the best picks from Sweet Suite ’23. So, join in on the fun. Watch your child’s eyes light up with wonder as they embark on countless magical journeys through play.

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