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Planning a visit to Washington, D.C.? You’re going to want to read this review of my family’s recent 5-day stay at the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle!

Nestled in the heart of one of Washington D.C.’s most vibrant downtown neighborhoods, Dupont Circle. This trendy and modern 4-star hotel seemed like the perfect choice for our family getaway. With its proximity to an array of progressive businesses, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cultural attractions, my husband’s decision to book this hotel was a no-brainer. What’s more, it was conveniently located just across from a massage place I adore, Deluca Massage, making it an ideal choice for some much-needed relaxation. My husband was particularly drawn to the allure of the large 720 sq ft Deluxe King Suite. He stated it would provide ample space for me to work remotely and take care of our energetic three-year-old throughout our stay. He was right! While the hotel’s location was undeniably impressive, there were certain aspects that left us wanting more from a reputed 4-star establishment. Join me as I delve into the highs and lows of our Royal Sonesta experience – an honest review awaits!

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Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas.

Room 918 – A Deluxe Suite King: Spacious and Stylish, But Some Concerns

Our 720 sq. ft. Deluxe Suite – King room at the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle offered a modern and well-designed space for our 5-day visit. However, while it had its perks, there were some notable aspects that left us with mixed feelings.

Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas.
Our king bed the three of us shared

A Cozy Bedroom with Minor Hiccups

The bedroom was tastefully furnished, boasting a comfortable king-sized bed and two side tables with distinct styles. One side table, a sleek glass-topped tree trunk design, added a touch of nature to the room. However, the other side table, gray with drawers, presented a minor annoyance as the drawers were frustratingly difficult to open.

Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas.
Another good-sized closet in the bedroom.

The highlight of the bedroom was the large walk-in closet, complete with a safe, providing ample storage space for our belongings throughout the week. The presence of a large flat-screen TV added to the room’s convenience, although the choice of dark gray carpet left us feeling a bit uneasy about its cleanliness. Packing slippers for my toddler and I turned out to be a wise move. Without them, we found our socks soiled on more than one occasion. Not the most pleasant experience, to say the least!

Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas.
This was my workspace for the duration of our stay.

A Versatile Living Space: Juggling Work and Family Comfort at Royal Sonesta

The living room, serving as both a workspace and a relaxation area, featured an oversized quartz desk and an ergonomic chair, providing an efficient setup for my work responsibilities during our stay. With a partial view of the hotel’s parking lot and pool, the window-side desk offered a nice touch, but ongoing construction activities nearby slightly dampened the ambiance. Though the couch in the living room had a pull-out bed, we didn’t need to use it as our toddler slept with us. However, I couldn’t help but question its cleanliness, especially since the choice of fabric for both the couch and the desk left us with lingering concerns.

Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas. Deluxe suite king room 918
Please fix this!

To our dismay, we discovered one couch cushion with a tear, which we promptly reported to the front desk. Their casual response and lack of concern were quite disheartening for a 4-star hotel experience. Another hiccup was the unexpected defrosting of the mini-fridge, leading to a watery mess that soaked the carpets. While the hotel engineer replaced the fridge, we were disappointed that no one came to dry the affected carpets. Additionally, the living room area carpet felt sticky at times, reinforcing our preference for wearing slippers indoors to maintain comfort and cleanliness.

Bathroom – Clean and Convenient, but Peculiarities

The marble bathroom, while clean had a few quirks worth mentioning. The vanity mirror’s placement on the side of the wall near the sink was inexplicably high up, making it unreachable for me, standing at 5’2″. The bathroom door, made of particle board, appeared to be coming apart at the bottom, though it was merely painted over to hide the issue. We had to request floor mats for the bathroom, which the housekeeping staff kindly provided. However, disappointingly, the main mat was not changed by the cleaning staff. Furthermore, the hotel’s choice to move away from individual toiletries meant refillable shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner were provided in the shower, which, while eco-friendly, didn’t quite match the luxury experience we anticipated.

Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas. Deluxe Suite King #sweetsuite23
Our toddler didn’t miss any of her favorite Disney Jr. shows and brought her favorite toys

Taking Cleanliness into My Own Hands: Packing Essential Cleaning Supplies

Thankfully, my experience as a seasoned traveler has taught me the importance of being prepared, and one aspect I never compromise on is cleanliness and hygiene. Armed with my trusty Clorox wipes, I took matters into my own hands during our stay at the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle. With unwavering determination, I meticulously wiped down every high-touch surface in our hotel room, leaving no stone unturned. From the remote and phone to the door handles, toilet seat, sink faucet, desk, table, and even the fridge (which, let’s face it, needed a deep cleaning), I made sure everything was thoroughly disinfected. It’s astonishing what can still come off, even after a hotel assures you that they’ve cleaned your room. Having watched documentaries and read stories from fellow travelers, I’ve learned that taking this extra step can make all the difference in ensuring a safer and more pleasant stay. So, if you haven’t already embraced the practice, I implore you to heed my advice and pack your own cleaning supplies for your next hotel stay – you won’t regret it. Your health and peace of mind are worth the effort!

Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas. Parking lot view
Parking lot views with a slight peep at the hotel’s outdoor pool.

Unveiling Royal Sonesta Amenities: Workouts, Pools, and Parking

The Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle boasted an array of amenities to cater to its guests’ needs during our stay. While my husband used the 24-hour fitness center, I preferred the privacy of doing my Peloton App workouts in our room. However, I couldn’t shake off the slight disappointment about the carpets not being as clean as I would have liked, especially during floor exercises without my workout mat. The outdoor pool, unfortunately, remained untouched as the air quality in the area reached harmful levels, exceeding 165. For business needs, the 24-hour Business Center was available, but my husband found it a bit dark and cave-like, so he opted to utilize the spacious desk in our room for his Zoom meetings. As for parking options, the hotel provided valet parking at a cost of $54 + tax per vehicle daily. While street parking was an alternative, the unfamiliar street parking rules and having New York plates on our car made us hesitant to take the risk. The valet staff was friendly, but there were instances when they weren’t immediately available upon our return, leading us to leave our keys with the front desk staff at times. Overall, the hotel’s amenities offered convenience, though there were a few aspects that could use improvement to enhance the overall experience.

Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont Circle Review of a Dupont Circle Hotel the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, 4-star hotel in the heart of D.C.s popular areas.
Enjoying lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso

Exploring Local Dining Gems Around Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle

When it came to dining during our stay at the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle, we found ourselves spoiled for choice with a plethora of excellent options steps away from the hotel. While Certo!, the onsite Italian restaurant, offered a tempting menu of Italian coastal cuisine for all-day dining, we decided to venture out and explore the vibrant food scene in the area. For a delightful lunch, my three-year-old and I strolled down the block to Pizzeria Paradiso, a progressive restaurant renowned for its craft beers and pizzas. My little one thoroughly enjoyed a pizza dog, while I indulged in a classic margarita pizza.

Bagel with Lox Emissary Dupont Circle
My bagel with Lox Emissary Dupont Circle didn’t disappoint but was on the expensive side.

I need my morning coffee! For a quick coffee fix, I frequented both Le Pain Quotidien and Emissary. The latter is a progressive business known for its excellent brews, cozy atmosphere, and friendly staff.

One morning, I treated myself to a reasonably-priced bagel with lox and cream cheese from Bagels Etc., located directly across the street from the coffee shops. It is hard getting a good bagel outside of New York. The bagels were a pleasant surprise – crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, just the way I like them. But, if you plan on picking up one of their delicious bagels, come with cash, as they’re a cash-only business.

Ala Restaurant dupont circle cocktails
These cocktails were so good, y’all!

When it came to unwinding in the evenings, Ala in Dupont Circle captured our attention with its amazing cocktails during happy hour. With such an array of fantastic dining spots within walking distance, we truly savored the diverse culinary experiences that the neighborhood had to offer.

Royal Sonesta Washington D.C. – Dupont Circle: A Family-Friendly Haven with Room to Grow

Overall, our 5-day stay at the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle was a delightful mix of highs and lows. The trendy and modern ambiance, along with the spaciousness of the Deluxe King Suite, and the hotel’s unbeatable location in the heart of Dupont Circle, left us thoroughly impressed. The convenience of managing work responsibilities while keeping our energetic three-year-old entertained was undoubtedly a major advantage. However, we did observe certain aspects that fell short of our expectations for a reputed 4-star establishment, including cleanliness issues and the disrepair of the living room’s couch cushion. Despite these drawbacks, families with young children may still find this hotel appealing, given the ample space for play and the nearby park providing great recreational opportunities. As we valued a hygienic stay, we recommend future guests come prepared with cleaning supplies to ensure added comfort. Families who appreciate pet-friendly hotels would particularly enjoy this property, and kids who love swimming can make the most of the seasonal outdoor pool. With a few improvements, the Royal Sonesta D.C. – Dupont Circle could undoubtedly elevate its overall guest experience to match the vibrant charm of its surroundings.