Halloween is not just for kids! Adults like to dress up and pretend to be something they’re not, eat tons of candy and have a little fun of their own too. Halloween parties are the perfect way to do just that! This spooky season, celebrate with a mixture of Halloween cocktails that are sure to help you and your guests get in the haunting spirit!

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You can twist almost any cocktail recipe to turn it into a liquid treat your guests will love! If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this roundup of 20 Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails for your next soiree!

Make your next adult halloween party a hit. If you're looking for some Halloween cocktail inspiration, check this roundup of 20 Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails for your next soiree!

1. Zombie Cocktail from Bacon is Magic

Turn anyone into a zombie at your upcoming Halloween party with this spellbinding tiki-inspired cocktail concoction that is sure to be a hit!

2. Candy Corn Vodka Martini from Boulder Locavore

These homemade liquor infusions will help you to create an unforgettable cocktail that is sure to make your Halloween complete!

3. Grave Digger Cocktail from Boulder Locavore

This refreshing, fizzy Halloween cocktail is perfect for celebrating your ghoulish holidays – make enough for just yourself or adjust this recipe for a crowd!

4. Spooky Halloween Eyeball Cocktail from Elephantastic Vegan

Give this cocktail an extra terrifying touch with a tasty lychee and raspberry eyeball garnish.

5. Swamp Gasses from Garlic & Zest

Fruity and Tropical, this pineapple rum drink is just eerie enough for Halloween. Tip: If you’re using dry ice, make sure it has completely evaporated before you or your guests have a taste.

6. Purple People Eater Cocktail from Homemade Hooplah

This deliciously creepy cocktail gets its purple hue from blue curacao, grenadine, and cranberry juice. A perfectly purple cocktail to serve at any party!

7. Zombie Brain Shot from Homemade Hooplah

Don’t worry, it’s not actual brains in that glass, even though it looks like it is. No, the secret to this shot is how Baileys reacts to the other alcohol included.

8. Peaches & Scream from Intoxicology

This cocktail is THE signature drink to make for your next Halloween shindig that will have your friends remembering it for years!

9. The Smokey Blackberry Bourbon Punch from Lark & Linen

Commemorate Halloween with a spooky bourbon punch cocktail. Give it a sizzling effect by lighting the rosemary garnish just before serving!

10. Oogie Boogie Halloween Cocktail from Let’s Mingle

This cocktail inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas has apple flavors, a hint of sour, lemon-lime fizz, and of course, candy worm!

11. Forbidden Forest Test Tube Shots from Real Housemoms

These black forest-flavored shots have a small amount of grenadine for cherry, a little creme de cacao syrup, and a lot of cake vodka for a dessert-turned shot you’ll love!

12. Green Goblin Cocktail from Real Housemoms

The green goblin cocktail is a little fruity, a little tangy, but not at all scary.

13. Phantom Potion from Snacks and Sips

Need a fun but easy-to-make Halloween cocktail? Phantom Potion is party perfect! Simple to make, it looks eerie and tastes delicious!

14. Haunted Graveyard from Sprinkles & Sprouts

This cocktail is perfect for a fall or Halloween party as it combines bourbon and maple for a drink that’s sure to warm your insides.

15. Blackberry El Diablo from Stripes Spatula

This Blackberry El Diablo cocktail is fruity, spicy, and packs a punch. Like most tequila cocktail recipes, this one will sneak up on you!

16. Vampire Tequila Sunset from Sunny Sweet Days

Give the classic Tequila Sunset a little vampire twist with Halloween glasses, Dracula teeth, and some grenadine in a syringe to add a bloody effect!

17. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail from The Chunky Chef

Get into the spooky Halloween spirit with this poisoned apple cider cocktail, made easy with just a handful of ingredients – the optional luster dust gives the cocktail its captivating red and golden swirls, making for one eerily drink!

18. Witches Brew from The Chunky Chef

Your guests will love sipping on this Halloween cocktail all night long! The glowing greenish color makes it look like you’re staring right into a witch’s cauldron.

19. The Witch’s Heart from The Flavor Blender

You guys will love this dark magical potion that you can incorporate to suit your tastebuds any way you want – it is sure to impress everyone at any themed party!

20. Dracula’s Blood Cocktail from The Kitchen is my Playground

Drop a set of plastic vampire teeth into this deep dark red concoction that even the first-class vampires will love sipping on!

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