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Kids are heading back to school. If you’re a parent of a kid whose food preferences change with the wind, you’re not alone. My 10-year-old is the same way. One of the things about back-to-school preparations that gives me the most stress is what to pack her for lunch that she will actually eat. I am always looking for school lunch ideas that are healthy, creative, and tasty. I’ve put together list of kids’ school lunch ideas to help make packing lunch this school year easier.

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Back-to-School Kids’ Lunch Ideas Weekly Planner 

This Kids’ Lunch Ideas Weekly Planner is a fun way to get kids involved with packing their own lunches. The weekend before the start of the school week, sit down with your kids to go through the checklist of food items to plan their lunches for the week. They can pick and choose an item from each category: mains, fruits and veggies, snacks, and beverages. This way they have a say in what they will eat. And should mean they’re coming home with empty lunchboxes because they chose their own foods.


I like this because it gives so many options for kids to mix and match. They can have chicken nuggets, sliced oranges, and muffins one day. And on another day, they can have pasta salad, fruit cup, and yogurt. The possibilities are endless. Personally, I’d make sure that there is at least one (1) healthy option packed for the day. Thankfully, this kid’s lunch ideas printable has healthy options in each category.

Kids Lunch ideas weekly school lunch planner food checklist printable

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In addition to giving kids the freedom of choosing their own lunches, this printable serves as a great bonding activity for parents and kids.

Sweeten Their Day With a Lunchbox Note

This school lunchbox planner printable not only has a list of kids’ school lunch ideas but also cute lunchbox notes. Kids will undoubtedly have a tough year ahead to face, while you’re packing their lunch, be sure to slip in a note to nourish and warm their hearts. My daughter loves finding surprise notes from my husband and me. I am sure your children will too.


This school year, you can breathe a sigh of relief. With this weekly lunchbox planner and school lunch ideas, you’ll avoid lunch-packing burnout.

Back to school season is here! Deciding on what to feed our kids is stressful. Here are some kids' school lunch ideas to make it easier.