As parents, we spend a lot of time in our cars. We drive to work, drive our kids to school, and extracurricular activities. If you’re like me, the time spent alone in your car is used to collect your thoughts. Your car becomes your sanctuary.  Allowing you to listen, in peace, to the music that moves you – even when the car is parked. Studies have shown music relieves stress, enhances your mood, even eases pain among other health benefits. Cars are the number one place where most of us experience music on a regular basis. In fact, at least 70% of Americans age13 and older listen to audio in the car every day. This simple fact is the reason why I wanted to share with you what I learned from Revel Speakers and Lincoln during a virtual listening master class in which I participated courtesy of Lincoln and A Girl’s Guide to Cars.

Listen to this Spotify playlist while you are in your car

The Revel Speakers Masterclass

During the Revel + Lincoln masterclass, I learned a lot about how to listen to sounds and the various frequencies using chocolate as a reference. Because chocolate, just like sound can be dark, rich, or smooth. It was truly an eye-opening analogy that turned me on to the importance of hearing music the right way. I learned all about Revel Speakers, the premium sound system in Lincoln vehicles that totally changes the way you experience music while you drive. With Revel, the speakers in Lincolns are designed to achieve the best possible acoustics.

2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve AWD Listen to this Spotify playlist while you are in your car

Reveling Luxury Audio with Revel Speakers

I recently had the chance to test drive a 2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve AWD. This SUV is equipped with the Revel Speaker system and I got to hear firsthand the dynamic change that crystalized the sound I never knew was fuzzy in my head. I got to feel like I was there in a way that truly transported me. It makes listening to music with the family more pleasurable, but I love the free feeling that the 12-channel amplifier and 14 strategically placed speakers give me when I’m rocking out on my solo missions.

Music is a mood-enhancer. I’m passing along tips from Revel Speakers to help parents enhance their in-car listening experience.

Discover How Music is Meant to Be Heard in Your Car

There is more to learn about how to listen than you think. If you are a music lover, and you’re not satisfied with the sound emitted from your car’s sound system, you’ll want to test four things: 

  1. Bass Response (Power)
  2. Spectral Uniformity
  3. Spatial Imaging
  4. Dynamics

So what are you listening for?

First, you will want to start with the Revel & Lincoln Youtube playlist. The tests will highlight your car’s audio elements that are easily recognizable and can help you determine the overall quality of your listening experience.

Music is a mood-enhancer. I’m passing along tips from Revel Speakers to help parents enhance their in-car listening experience.

Bass Response

As far as bass response goes, you want to listen for the presence, balance, and extension of low frequencies. You can feel the sound and hear it. According to Revel, the bass should be “punchy and tight” and “the low frequencies should be balanced with good deep bass extension to demonstrate a smooth and natural response.” Bass sounds awesome in a car when balanced. Personally, I’m not a fan of booming bass that I can feel in my core. I know some people love it. For me, the balance of frequencies (bass/midrange/treble) matters. 

Spectral Uniformity

That’s where we get into spectral uniformity. Each frequency should two things: distinct and balanced. The bass should transition into the midrange (vocals, guitar, piano), which creates a sense of warmth and intimacy. Hello, date night! High frequencies should complement the midrange, providing detail and clarity.

Spatial Imaging

Have you ever listened to music and caught yourself air playing any of the instruments you’ve heard? If you add to that the location of where you think those instruments would be, you’ve accomplished spatial imaging. A good in-car audio experience will elicit this response. The next time you listen to your favorite music in your car, imagine your dashboard is the stage. Close your eyes and picture the location of each instrument or recorded sound. The instruments should appear distinct and lifelike accurately spread across the dashboard. 


Sometimes when listening to my favorite music while driving, I notice that the quality of the sound changes with the volume. There here shouldn’t be any distortion, buzzing, fuzziness, or crackle. However, sound through your car’s speakers should be balanced regardless of volume level. This is the dynamics of premium sound from a sound system like Revel Speakers.

Listen to this Spotify Playlist While You’re in Your Car

Listen to this Spotify playlist while you are in your car and prepped for your listening session. This is an excellent way for mom or dad to catch a breather on a hectic day.

If you love music and getting great sound in your car then visit to learn more. You will see the acoustic effects that this incredible sound system is capable of producing.

I enjoyed the specially curated Spotify playlist and getting to experience it fully with the Revel Speakers audio system. I learned so much about what each speaker is supposed to do. It will change the way I listen to music in my car moving forward … especially when I’m in drive.