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Remember when I introduced you to Splish Splash Water Park? If not, check it out here. Well, we ended up extending our weekend by taking off a Monday to surprise our daughter with a visit to Splish Splash.

This was our first visit to Splish Splash Water Park as a family, and we were excited. To experience the slides and other water rides as a family. We also couldn’t wait to see the reaction from our daughter once we arrived. But, of course, as with any preschooler, there were many questions before we even got there, which made the one-hour drive from our home in Nassau County a bit long. “Where are we going, Mommy?” was asked at least 100 times. I’m not even kidding.

Splish Splash Water Park Doo Drop Inn Lockers

She didn’t care that we had to find a locker to secure our things before we could have fun. Mini Me just wanted to explore the park, get wet, and enjoy some rides, and what five year old wouldn’t? As adults, we wanted to do the same.

Splish Splash Water Park Wave Pool

After securing our belongings in one of the ‘Doo Drop Inn’ lockers where it costs $14 for all-day storage for a  large backpack, we spent some time catching waves at the Surf City Wave Pool, which is located near the locker station.

Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror @splishsplashwp #waterpark #splishsplash #summer16 #familyfun #spon

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After the wave pool, we headed over to Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror. By the name alone, I knew it was not a good idea for my mini me, but the husband thought otherwise. My mommy instincts were right because my poor child came off the slide terrified! Apparently, this slide is pitch black the whole ride down. He couldn’t even see our daughter. Poor thing. Although she came off of the ride crying, that didn’t stop her or us from enjoying the rest of the park.

Splish Splash Water Park Battle of Mutiny Bay

From there, we headed to the Battle of Mutiny Bay, an interactive water ride where we rode a Pirate Ship, sprayed onlookers with water, as they returned the favor. Had the day been warmer, I would’ve welcomed being sprayed, but we visited the park on an 85 degree day, which wasn’t quite warm enough.

We then headed over to Bootleggers Run, which is something like a slide/roller coaster. It was fun. Just be prepared for the big splash at the end.

Splish Splash Water Park Johnny Rockets

Running through a water park can work up an appetite. We took a break, and picked up some burgers from Johnny Rockets, and then headed over to the Lazy River, a personal favorite, to relax before heading over to the next, and what would be our final ride at the park: Dinosaur Falls.

Splish Splash Dinosaur Falls

We literally closed the park with at least 20 rides, if not more, on Dinosaur Falls. This was, perhaps, Mini Me’s favorite ride, and the main reason for her need to return to Splish Splash.

A day at Splish Splash Water Park watching our daughter enjoy running around from ride to ride, was the perfect way for us to spend our day off from work. Ask us if we would do it again, our answer would definitely be, “Hell Yeah!” There are so many more rides for us to enjoy, and the summer is not yet over. In fact, we are planning another visit there before the summer ends. The husband has even considered purchasing the season pass.

Splish Splash Water Park Surfer Photo

Before the hot weather cools off, be sure to visit Splish Splash Water Park. Start your day early, and visit on a weekday to avoid crowds and long lines to ensure that you get the best of your day at the park. Be sure to use this link and discount code:BeautyAndTheBumpBlog16  to get $6.99 off of your ticket(s).

Are water parks your favorite place to visit during the summer?

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Disclosure: Splish Splash Water Park provided complimentary tickets to facilitate a review. However, all opinions are my own and are honest.