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Beauty and the Bump attended a very special play date that took place at the Fisher-Price office in Manhattan. This play date was with someone with whom your preschooler is probably familiar: Bob the Builder.

Bob Play Date Group Photo

Our daughter was super excited to meet her favorite construction worker, and exclaimed, “I love Bob the Builder!” Her love for the show showed once we stepped off of the elevator, and was greeted by a life size printout of the character with giant yellow boot prints that led to the room where the play date was taking place. She immediately gravitated towards the play mat where all of the new Bob the Builder toys were, and began to play.

Bob the Builder Play Date

The Fisher-Price® Bob the Builder™ Mash & Mold Construction Site and Fisher-Price® Bob the Builder™ R/C Super Scoop were her favorites, especially the Mash and Mold Play Sand. My two-year-old nephew who also came along also loved the sand, which is pretty cool because it never dries out. Parents, your kids may enjoy it, but you will not enjoy the clean up. See how nice I am for warning you? Thank me later. .:LOL:.

Bob the Builder™ Mash & Mold Construction Site

After our daughter and my nephew played with the toys, we headed over to the DIY table to create a Bob the Builder vest. Who knew that a vest could be made out of a large brown paper bag and washi tape.

Bob the Builder Play Date DIY Vests

New episodes of Bob the Builder were on rotation during the play date as well. Bob even showed up for photo ops with the children. How nice of him to take time out of his busy work schedule to spend some time with the kids.

Bob the Builder Playing with Kids

While my daughter was busy making her vest, I stepped away to have a chat with the designer of the Bob the Builder toy collection. You wouldn’t believe the cost of the robot that had to be built prior to the actual R/C Super Scoop being made. My jaw dropped. I must say, that the R/C Super Scoop is a pretty cool toy that any child would love having. Have you ever seen a dancing digger? Neither have I until this event.

Bob the Builder Toy Materials

The Bob the Builder play date was so much fun! I even enjoyed making R/C Super Scoop dance. I kind of want one for myself.

Bob the Builder Bob Play Date

Below are the Bob the Builder toys that will be available this fall. Be sure to check them out. They will definitely make great birthday or even Christmas gifts.

Fisher-Price® Bob the Builder™ R/C Super Scoop (DRC48)

SRP: $49.99 | 3+ years | Available: Fall 2016

  • Scoop isn’t just a hardworking digger; he’s Bob’s best friend, and he’s ready to show off his new moves as he’s brought to life through remote control motorized action!
  • Use the 4 buttons on the remote to activate movement in forward and reverse, the motorized back bucket and the special stunt mode.
  • Once you press the button for stunt mode, Super Scoop will automatically use his front bucket to prop himself totally upside down, balancing entirely on his front bucket as he shows off his never-before-seen moves.
  • Press the “B” logo button on the Scoop’s roof for lights, sounds, and iconic Scoop phrases
  • Lift exhaust lever to raise front bucket and activate lights, sounds, and phrases

Fisher-Price® Bob the Builder™ Mash & Mold Construction Site (DMM55)

SRP: $29.99 | 3+ years | Available: Fall 2016

  • Budding builders can start laying the foundations of their creations with determination, teamwork, and the Bob the Builder™ Mash & Mold Construction Site with Mash & Mold Play Sand – a perfect building material that allows children to build, knock-down and re-build all day long without ever drying out!
  • Little builders can use the included 5 tools and 35 molds to shape, build, and demolish their own sand constructions with 4 easy-to-use hexagonal tiles that act as the base of the play set
  • Includes 16 ounces of Mash & Mold Sand, Bob/Wendy character stamper, a Dizzy sand vehicle, 2 custom mold trays, “Tiny” character crane mold press with wrecker, 5 sand tools, iconic “Bob’s Yard” gate that serves as a mold or rake, TNT demolition foundation pad, and mold press garage to create custom sand bricks.
  • Compatible with all Mash & Mold Sand vehicles

Fisher-Price® Bob the Builder™ Sand Vehicles (DGY43)

SRP: $10.99| 3+ years | Available: Fall 2016

  • Every construction job requires the right tools and supplies, which is why Bob the Builder™ has the ultimate building material – Mash & Mold Play sand, and the ultimate molding machines –Sand Vehicles!
  • Each vehicle includes a 4-ounce container of Mash & Mold Play sand which can be shaped and molded by hand or using each vehicle’s molds to craft cool creations
  • Vehicles include over 10 molds and the Mash & Mold Play sand container also has unique sand stamps
  • Sand Vehicles assortment includes Scoop: a hardworking digger and Bob’s best friend, Muck: an enthusiastic dump truck, and Roley: a reliable steamroller that turns into a crusher.

Disclosure: Gift bags were provided to event attendees, along with Bob the Builder toys for review consideration.