Disclosure: Product was
provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest. 
Cold and flu season is here, which means we have to protect
not only ourselves, but also our kids from catching those pesky illnesses,
especially since the effects of having them are often worse for children.
That’s why we have to teach our kids the importance of keeping their hands
clean and free of illness-causing germs.
Thanks to Kandoo Hands in Magic Melon, hand washing in our household has
just become more fun.
When I first opened the large green pump bottle of Kandoo Hands in Magic Melon,
our daughter immediately knew it was for her.
Maybe the cute little frog on the front gave it away? That’s
likely.  Whatever it was, it made her
excited to wash her hands at that point and every few minutes after.
The Magic Melon Kandoo Hands is beautiful green foam with a
candy-like melon scent; of course kids would love it. The green foam is great
since it shows our daughter, when washing her hands, the places she’s missed
while washing. The melon fragrance settles on the hands a bit after washing,
which is great because it lets us know if our daughter washed her hands or not.
Kandoo Hands contains natural moisturizers like Vitamin E
and fruit extracts to moisturize during cleaning.  If you’re worried about allergic reactions to
this wonderful smelling foaming hand wash, no worries because the Kando Hands is
not only hypoallergenic, but also paraben and SLS-free.
Overall, our family loves the Melon Magic Kandoo Hands. In
the words of our four year old, “I like the hand soap because it is my
favorite. When I use the bathroom, I wash my hands.  The soap is really cool and awesome. I like
the color!” If you’re looking for a fun way to entice your kids into good hand
washing habits, check out Kandoo Hands.
Kandoo Hands retails for  $3.29 and you can grab a  $0.50 Off Coupon here. It’s also available in
Funny Berry.
Disclosure: Product was
provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.